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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's the Thought that Counts... or Is It?

I've always heard "it's the thought that counts" but now I'm wondering about that.

Recently a colleague who came back to work after being off a few days for a medical procedure said to me, "Thanks for the card, Sarah." It was an awkward moment as I didn't know what to say. I had certainly thought of buying her a card and sending her get well wishes. But I't actually... gotten around to doing it.

Assuming someone had sent a group card and signed my name for me, I replied "You're welcome," feeling a twinge of guilt. I've asked around since then and no one will own up to sending such a card. I've even wondered if there could be another Sarah around here who deserves her 'thank you' but is not getting it because she gave it to me by mistake. Surely my coworker wouldn't have said something like that sarcastically as if to say "You should have sent me a card!"

I almost feel like fessing up to her that I didn't (gulp) actually send her a card. But that seems even more awkward. What would you do in this delicate etiquette dilemma?

****Update*****July 2****
Today I found out that someone did indeed send a group card and signed my name for me. Phew! Glad that mystery's solved!


kim said...

Well now that you've posted it in your blog, maybe she'll realize the truth! lol

I don't know. . . Maybe you misheard her? Maybe she was thanking you for something else? Maybe another friend named Sarah dropped off a card? It's probably too late to say anything. If she finds out the truth-- that you didn't send a card-- she might think it's weird that you acknowledged sending a card when you didn't.

OR she might wonder if you actually DID send a card and it didn't get to her.

This is one of those dreaded awkward deaf moments. No matter what you do could be seen as weird now. lolol

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Hi Kim,
She doesn't read my blog so I guess my secret's safe.
Thanks for understanding.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah, phew close one! But you were in a tight spot there. I don't know what I'd do if I was in a situation like that.

As for what you put on your blog. You say she won't know as she doesn't read it. I'd be careful what you do write just in case. Because if she uses the internet and searches for general things, you blog may come up in that list, and she'll accidently come across your blog like I did. Except for when I discovered your blog I did put something like 'hard of hearing blogs' to find yours. But its a chance I wouldn't risk. I've learnt that recently for something that was in a comments part in my blog I originally accepted that was raised by another person, which for my situation thats not like yours, I had to remove it.

As for talking about work on my blog. Its not something I dare raise. Because of confidentiality. So its best for me to stay quiet about work on my blog. :)

ms toast burner said...

Yippy! What a relief, eh? :-)

I wanted to reply but didn't know what to say as I would have found it difficult as well. I kept checking to see if others replied to spark any sort of thought in me but...

But, whew!

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Hi Liz,

Thanks for the reminder. I do try to be very careful about what I write regarding work situations - emphasizing the positive and the humorous and avoiding anything critical or confidential. I'd rather poke fun at myself than anyone else.

Thanks for your comment. I'm definitely glad you found my blog!!!

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Yes, Ms. Toast Burner. This was an odd sort of post for me. I thought it was pretty funny all the scenarios my mind came up with... Kim was right on when she said it was a "dreaded awkward deaf moment". I'm so used to thinking of multiple possibilities for the things I mishear, my mind just kicked into that gear. My intention in writing this was to make light of myself and that "deer in the headlights" feeling. Having the mystery solved is a great relief. I actually had come up with the right answer!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sarah, I enjoy coming here to see your latest on your blog :)