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Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Mother's Garden

My mom didn't want me to
miss seeing her hostas when
I visited her house today.

Here's another hosta variety
from her garden. I love
this green and white kind
and want some for my yard!

This pink rose has tiny blooms,
perhaps an inch in diameter. I used
a macro camera setting to take this closeup.
My mother told me she
loves this bloom's lacy quality.

CoreopsisMy mother said this flower
reminds her of a star.

This fuchia hanging basket
hangs just outside my mom's
kitchen window. While we were
sitting at the table admiring it,
she mentioned that last year a
hummingbird visited it regularly.
Just then, two hummingbirds
appeared, the first she'd seen this season!

As I'm still experimenting with
my new cell phone camera, I
wanted to try taking a sky watch
photo framed by these teeny red
berries that the birds love.
But by the time I snapped it, the
lovely shaped clouds had moved
almost completely out of the photo.

This is my first attempt at taking
a shadow photo. I really like the
shape of the shadows cast by these
potted geraniums and the curlicue
shadows from the corner post of my
mom's front porch.

Happy Birthday, Mom!
Thanks for the tour of
your beautiful garden.


ms toast burner said...

Happy Birthday Sarah's Mom! :-)

Oooo I love those hostas!

Deb Ann and Hannah said...

All are so beautiful! Happy Birthday to you, Sarah's Mom!

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Thanks, everyone. I'll be sure to pass your good wishes on to my mom.

Mog said...

Happy Birthday Sarah's mum, great garden!