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Friday, July 24, 2009

Flowers for Friday

It's been a busy week and to be honest our garden is looking a bit neglected right now. So this Friday I only have two flower photos for you. The first one is a macro shot of a hosta bloom. The second one shows the single oriental lily that blossomed in the middle of a mass of daylilies. Both photos were taken with my cell phone camera. Have a great weekend, everyone. I hope to spend lots of time in my garden.


Deb Ann and Hannah said...

The last one is just like ours. We got home yesterday from camping.

Very nice!

Sara Chapman said...

You need a better camera than that. Your photos deserve better! Those little point and shoots are so small you can keep one with you always and you'll do justice to these lovely flowers.

Thanks for the cafepress suggestion. I'm working on it. Would you say Glossy or Matte notecards would be the way to go? Maybe I can do both?

Also I agree with you about the need for a helpful center. Where do you live? Perhaps a finding a better audiologist might be a good first step?

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Hi Sara,
I was hoping to use my new digital camera for last week's post, but the battery had run out...grr.

Re: notecards. I'd say Glossy since you asked but you know way more about photos than I do so I'm sure you'll make the right choice.

Re: hearing clinic. I think you're right. I should start by finding a new audiologist. Someone at my church raved about hers but when I looked him up he wasn't in my insurance plan. Sigh. Must try again.