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Monday, July 13, 2009

ALA: Day Four

Interesting display at McCormick Place

Day Four began with an early morning program on electronic resource management systems. Which lasted for two hours. That really felt like work.

Next I went on to a fun workshop on the topic "Tech Support is Reference Work" about the importance of answering technology questions at the information desk. As usual I had taken a seat near the front so I had to chuckle when one of the speakers proclaimed herself the "loudest librarian in Michigan" and her partner chimed in "or the world". I definitely had no problem hearing her. In my book a loud librarian makes an excellent conference speaker. The two speakers were coworkers and they had a great rapport. They actually had to encourage the audience to leave at the end of their session by saying "Really, we're not that fascinating. Go to lunch already."

Me and Library School Friend

I met a very good friend of mine since library school days for lunch. We scrimped and only paid $5 for a slice of pizza and $2 for pop. This "going to lunch" lifestyle gets expensive. I sure hope our expenses will be reimbursed. In the photo above, we visited the exhibits area briefly before our next workshop.

My final meeting of the day was a panel discussion on Library 2.0 [a buzzword to make librarians seem cool]. One of the speakers was someone I had heard when I went to the Computers in Libraries conference last year. What was most interesting to me was that the speakers commented on how they knew each other through their online activities, particularly their blogs. I know I feel blessed to have "met" many people through this blog.

Look, Ma, I made it to ALA!

Tomorrow's my last day at the ALA conference.


Anonymous said...

Are you acquainted with the two deaf librarians from the Washington DC area? Susan Cohen is a gem of a person, and is the special needs librarian in Rockville, MD. And I am suddenly blanking on the name of the other deaf librarian who works at the Martin Luther King Library in DC. They are both GREAT resources and have been librarians for many years.

Sara Chapman said...

Hi from Sara in Seattle. Glad this very interesting conference is going well for you. You write so well! I posted a photo of a park that I thought you might like. Come see!

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Thanks for your comment, anonymous. No, I do not know them. Do they follow Deafread?

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Thanks for the compliments, Sara.
I can't wait to see the photo you mentioned! I'm sure I'll love it as I love all your photos.