Sunday, September 28, 2014

2014 Chicago Walk4Hearing

Today was a beautiful day for the 2014 Chicago Walk4Hearing in Lincoln Park. The temperatures were in the low 70s and the sky was sunny. Walking along Lake Michigan we had cool breezes to enjoy.

I was really happy to be walking with my ALDA Chicago friends Kim, Julie, Nathan, Jenifer,  Carol, Marsha K., Marsha S., Beth, and Joe. We were joined by a student named Mimi that I took ASL with last year. We were given delicious cookies and bottles of water before the walk. Afterwards, we were fed slices of pizza and ice cream treats. It was  a really fun event.

Of course, the reason for the event was to raise both awareness and funds. My final tally was $1, 025. Thank you, supporters! My ALDA Chicago team surpassed our $3,000 goal to reach $3, 283. The Chicago Walk4Hearing total of all teams together was $82,557.68 or 83% of the $100,000 goal.

I am sorry that I do not have photos to add to this post. My camera malfunctioned at the walk and my cell phone memory was full. If I receive photos from friends with permission to post, I will share those later. Thanks again, readers, for making this walk with me via my blog.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Who is Tinsel?

I had a funny thing happen to me during my fundraising for Chicago Walk4Hearing. I just can't resist sharing it with you.

A couple days ago I noticed a donation posted by Tinsel on my fundraising page. For more than a day, I could not figure out who Tinsel was. I thought maybe it was one of you, my blog readers, but no one had ever posted a comment and signed it as Tinsel. It finally hit me who Tinsel is - a donkey on my aunt and uncle's farm in Maryland. A while back my aunt had sent me this photo (below) when I blogged about something ear related. More recently, when she and my uncle were visiting us, she had been delighted to see a photo of my son with Tinsel included in a family video.

In light of the generosity of Tinsel (and his owners), I will let Tinsel announce my fundraising update. As always, my thanks go out to all who have donated. Okay, Tinsel, take it away.

Hee haw! Hi, everybody. I'm Tinsel. Here's the latest from Sarah on the Chicago Walk4Hearing:

Sarah has raised $850 (an increase of $115 from the last report). ALDA Chicago (Sarah's team) has raised $2,336 (78 % of their $3,000 goal). Overall, the Chicago Walk4Hearing has raised $42, 403.68 (42% of the $100,000 goal).

Eeyore. Sarah made a mistake when giving you her last report. She said the Chicago Walk4Hearing goals was $1.4 million. That is actually the goal for the whole year from all of the Walk4Hearing events around the country combined. Eeyore. She regrets that error.

If you still want to participate in the fundraising drive, there are 14 days left. Visit her donation page where you can see my name scroll by on the Fundraising Honor Roll! Hee haw.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Chicago Walk4Hearing Fundraising Update

I am very pleased to share with you this update on my fundraising efforts for the Chicago Walk4Hearing which will benefit my local support group - ALDA Chicago as well as the sponsoring organization, the Hearing Loss Association of America.

Dear Speak Up Librarian readers, friends, and family,

As promised, here is an update on the Chicago Walk4Hearing fundraiser. Due to the generosity of many of you, I have personally raised $735. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your support means so much!

The ALDA Chicago team has raised $2,146 (72%) so far towards our total goal of $3,000.

The overall Chicago Walk4Hearing goal (all teams combined) is $1.4 million. Currently the amount raised is $863,545 (62%). Correction: This should have read as the 2014 goal for all the combined Walk4Hearing events around the country. The Chicago Walk4Hearing goal is $100,000.

There is still time to get involved if you are interested in donating, but have not yet done so. The walk takes place September 28 and we are collecting donations up until that day. You can donate online on my page or if you see me regularly, cash or checks made out to Walk4Hearing can be turned in to me directly.

Once again, thanks for supporting me as I try to make a difference for those living with hearing loss.

All the best,