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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Thought My Cell Phone Was Possessed

I have a touch screen cell phone and have accidentally called people without knowing it. Oops. But today was a first. My cell phone actually sent out a text message while sitting on the floor of my car!

The lucky recipient got the cryptic note "gtg". Hmmm could my phone have meant "got to go". It seems plausible enough in the acronym language of texting.

Of course, this message wasn't sent to a good friend or family member who might actually get a laugh out of it. It was sent to a baseball coach my son wants to play for this fall. Someone I've only dialed intentionally once.

But that was enough for him to get pocket dialed the next day and to receive this strange message today. According to Wikipedia, pocket dialing is often triggered by numbers retained in cell phone recently dialed lists. The solution is to make sure your phone is "locked" before you put it in your purse or pocket.

I hope that coach doesn't think I'm crazy. I was starting to worry that my phone was possessed until I found this out on the internet. Has anything like this happened to you?

Friday, August 13, 2010

Waiting for Rain

The heat and humidity have been tough to deal with this summer. But weighing me down even more has been a long wait to see some answers to my prayers. In addition to my personal petitions, I've been praying for friends seeking employment in this tough economy, friends in need of healing, friends trying to sell their homes, friends who are close to completing a goal but haven't reached the finish line yet, friends ready to start a new chapter in their lives. When, Lord, when?

Recently I came across the following story at the Inspiration Point blog:

There were two farmers who prayed and asked God to send rain. It hadn't rained for quite some time and both were in need of it. One day, they were told “God will send the rain in time for the harvest.” The first farmer set about preparing his field for the coming rain. The second farmer did nothing. Guess who got to reap the benefit of that promised rain?

My aunt, a farmer with a talent for writing, shared this lovely description of the arrival of rain in an email recently:

This morning we woke up to the sound of angels singing: rain, blessed rain. It has been so dry here, lawns are brown, crops are shriveling. Farmers talk of nothing else. Now they will share to the 8th of an inch how much rain they got. We are thankful for every drop.

I want to encourage myself and others who are experiencing a dry spell that the rain we long for IS coming. Let's live our lives in anticipation of it and rejoice in its arrival.

My Prize Package All the Way from the UK

I enjoy photography and sharing my photos as part of my blog. When I found out my dear friend Liz was starting up a photography blog, I couldn't help but be excited about it. Then she announced a contest to name her new blog. Lucky me came up with the winning name "Through Liz's Eyes". My prize was this amazing package of handmade greeting cards.

Here is the link for Through Liz's Eyes and here's a link to some terrific travel photos she's posted there.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Astronaut Signs from the International Space Station

Expedition 23 Launch Day (201004020023HQ)
Originally uploaded by nasa hq photo

From the NASA website 7/22/10,

"The International Space Station has had guests from all over the world, representing myriad languages. But until NASA astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson came aboard, one language was still not represented. Said to be the fourth most commonly used language in the United States, American Sign Language, or ASL, made its debut on the space station in a special video recorded by Caldwell Dyson.

In the almost six-minute video, the American astronaut spoke directly to the deaf community about what she does on the space station and how she became interested in ASL. She even offered several words of encouragement for young deaf students."

To read more and view this video which has English subtitles, click here.

To read more about astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson, click here.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Intentional Eating

Last month I came to the point where I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. Coming back from the HLAA convention in Milwaukee, I came down with a virus - my 4th one this year. Determined to improve my health, I started researching how to boost the immune system. It was easy to find information on the subject with a simple Google search. A bit more difficult is taking it to heart and putting it in practice.

I've embraced the idea of intentional eating. Taking into my body those foods known to improve immunity. I've been working on this for a month now and thought I would share with you some of the changes I have made. In the past, I have eaten fairly healthy but my good diet habits were being undermined by my conviction that having sodas or candy as well wouldn't hurt me. My biggest change has been to cut out white sugar where I can. Soft drinks and sweets are off limits now. I also quit drinking coffee. Not so much for the caffeine as for the junk I put into it to make it palatable.

Here are the foods I am eating/drinking as part of my regular meals:
  • Raw fruits/vegetables
  • Blueberries
  • Watermelon
  • Probiotic yogurt
  • Beef
  • Nuts
  • Spinach
  • Local honey
  • Green tea (decaffeinated)
  • Fresh lemon juice in water
  • V8 (low sodium)
  • Pomegranate juice
  • Echinachea tea
Note: these are NOT the only foods I'm eating - just the ones I have purposely added to my diet.

So far it seems to be working. I am feeling better. I've also gone back to using my neti pot to clear my nose of allergens. I still have fatigue that I attribute to my hearing loss. Taking a nap after work seems to help and doesn't prevent me from falling asleep at bedtime.

When I first started switching up my food intake, the pounds started coming off. I was really pleased about that as a side benefit I wasn't expecting . But as time has gone by my weight is creeping back up. Oh well.

Another side effect I experienced was getting a cold sore. This was most likely from my increased vitamin C intake. To counteract this I am taking a daily lysine supplement.

If anyone has any additional tips for improving immunity, especially those that have worked for you personally, I would love to hear from you. I have made a commitment to continue these changes for a whole year and then evaluate the results. When I was at the ENT doctor recently I asked why I was continually getting these viruses. Her response was that it's because I work in an enclosed environment. Well, I can't change that, but I will change what I can to improve my health.

Monday, August 2, 2010

My New Glasses

Here's a look at my new glasses. I found a pretty pair with a little more pizzazz than the black frames I had previously (which, by the way, are still lost). I went all out on this new pair. They are scratch resistant and anti glare for my computer work. They are also the lightest lenses available. I had to pay a lot extra for that but I figured it was worth it. After all my ears are already carrying the weight of my hearing aids. Best of all, these glasses darken when I go outside so I don't need to carry sunglasses with me.

Here's a closeup of the flowers on the side. There are little rhinestones in the center of the flowers and on some of the petals. Very feminine. Very Sarah. The color of these frames is burgundy with a lighter shade as a contrast. Would you say they qualify as "rose colored glasses"?

The biggest change for me is this is my first pair of bifocals. Yes, the eye doctor said the B word. But I was fine with it. I was actually looking forward to it. For awhile now, I've been taking off my glasses when looking at things up close (which may have contributed to my other pair getting lost). I really wanted to get glasses which would allow me to see both close and far. This pair of bifocals has no lines so I had to train myself to see the different distances through them. But it's been a few weeks and I don't even give it a thought now.

Having the proper eyeglasses (rather than the old, old pair I was wearing after I lost my black ones) has even made an improvement in my hearing. As the badge above says, "I hear with my eyes." While I was wearing the backup pair, my hearing definitely took a dive. It's so good to see things in sharp focus again.

I felt self conscious about posting a closeup photo of myself in my new glasses so I asked a friend to model them for me. Doesn't he look smart and professional?