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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

No Kittens Were Harmed in the Writing of this Blog Post

Sadly, however kittens were harmed in the driving of my neighbor's vehicle. :(

When my husband and I walked our dog this evening, I noticed my neighbor in his garage tinkering on a car. I told my husband I want to ask about the kittens. He wondered why as he'd already gotten the end of the story. "I just do" I insisted, not owning up to him I'd blogged about it.

As it turned out my neighbor had a different end to the story than the one my husband had heard. He said there were two kittens under the hood of his car and he had "lost them on the highway". One was alive but the other one wasn't. Apparently he didn't retrieve the one still alive. He made no mention of pulling over to the side of the road.

I explained to him that I was a bit put off yesterday because I'm deaf. (It seemed easier to say that than hard of hearing.) He said, "Oh, you would have heard these ones alright." Then he proceeded to make loud cat noises. My husband tried to explain my hearing loss but my neighbor wasn't interested. Even though I was obviously lipreading him, he turned his face away several times during the rest of our conversation with him.

I'm sorry about the kittens. I wish they had been rescued. And I wish my neighbor understood why I couldn't hear the kittens. He probably thinks I'm crazy.


Anonymous said...

He was so cold-hearted that he cannot be bothered to stop and rescue the poor alive kitten?

It makes sense why he was behaving like a jerk with you. I am sorry he is your neighbor. I won't worry about him thinking you may be crazy or something. Who wants to associate with someone who is black-hearted? Not me!

jelly said...

Yuck...there were kitties in the engine of the car.

Apparently, he is crazy and rude...not even facing you knowing you are deaf.

Bummer about the kittens. That makes me sad.

Karen Mayes said...

Hmmm... that's sad.

I am sorry to hear about the kittens though.

Because I see stray cats around my apartment complex, I wonder if they ever kept warm in my vehicle's hood or not... I believe not, since I... well, I will never know :o/

Katherine said...

Some cats and kittens do go under the car in the wintertime to stay warm. Some die from it or get severely injured.

To help prevent something like this from happening, it is a good idea to bang the car loud enough in hopes to drive away the cat from under the car and give them enough time also before starting the car.

Anonymous said...

What a shame about the kittens. Your neighbour sounds cold hearted, also he doesn't seem to be a polite neighbour with you. I wouldn't bother with him.

Thats a good tip Katherine.

Mog said...

Your neighbour sounds a ........bastard. ....

Re cats and engines and wheel arches. We were told in winter thats we should bash on the bonnet of the car before we got in to scare any cats out.
So we do.

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Thanks for your supportive comments everyone. Actually my neighbor isn't a bad person. He tried twice to find the kittens (at the stop sign and in his driveway). He's also a cat owner himself!
My idea in writing the first blog post was how in this situation I couldn't help out because of my hearing loss. While my neighbor was concerned about what I thought of him, I was thinking of how stupid I would look if I tried to listen for mewing sounds and couldn't hear them. I was hoping to make that clear with my neighbor when I talked to him with my husband. I didn't really expect my neighbor to "get it" about my hearing loss as most people don't.