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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

¡Me Gusta Musica Latina!

Call me loca (crazy) but I love Latin music. When I listen to music in Spanish, I'm not focused on the lyrics I'm missing. I'm listening to the rhythm and romance of the music and sensing the emotion in the singer's voice. I know a little Spanish so if I catch a word or phrase here and there, it's a bonus. Listening to music in English is a different story. Then, I'm conscious of my hearing loss and how much I'm missing of the words.

Here is my favorite music video in Spanish. Try watching it and see if you can understand what I mean by the difference there is listening to a song in another language. Even if you don't hear at all, you can enjoy this video because it tells a story. The song has a lot of tenderness that's conveyed visually through the video.
Watch how the singer with the scarf puts emotion into each syllable. Look for the way the singer in the hat caresses the microphone.

Here's an English translation of the lyrics I found on Yahoo! Answers:

everything changed when I saw you
I converted from black and white to color

and it was so easy
to love you so much
something that I couldn't imagine
was to give you my love
with just a look

everything trembled
inside me
the universe wrote that you were destined for me

and it was so easy
to love you so much
something that I
couldn't imagine was to get lost in your love
and simply step by step
all of me is yours.

Before I spend more
time with you my love
I have to say you are the love of my life.
Before I can love you more
please listen
let me tell
you that I gave you all of me and I can't explain it
simply that's how I felt it

when I saw you

Everything about you surprised me
I converted from black and white to color
I converted

I know it's not easy
to say I love you
I too didn't expect it
but love is like that and
simply step by step
all of me is yours.

If you enjoyed the song above and would like to hear more musica Latina, you can check out the Pop Latino radio station on Yahoo! Music here.


Deafinitely said...

Fabulous! Will definitely check that out! I love Manu Chao for the same reason. I never worry about the words just the rhythm and melody! His lyrics translated are quite random anyway!!!!!!

jelly said...

I'm a fan of French Singers myself...but that is so cool you like Latin Music.
You go Sarah!!

El Caliente! lol

ms toast burner said...


I was just thinking about this the other day, Sarah. I too listen to Latin music and all sorts of world music because a lot of it is excellent and precisely because it's not in English... I feel I'm on equal footing with others.

DG - ditto to Manu Chao! He's great. Clandestino is one of my desert island albums.

SpeakUp Librarian said...

I will have to check out Manu Chao. Thanks for the recommendation, DG and Ms. Toast Burner. Any French singers you would recommend, Jelly?

ms toast burner said...

Hi Sarah... A great way to find world music that you might like are CDs by Putumayo.

They are nice compilations based on areas, themes or types of music... by a variety of musicians.

Here, in Victoria, the CDs are available in usually fair trade, arty-farty shops that sell a lot of global/ethnic things ... like Ten Thousand Villages. Or order online.

I've since bought CDs by a few bands and singers that I first heard on these CDs.

Have fun!

kim said...

I like the beat of latin music too. I haven't heard English lyrics in years. I don't even think about it anymore.

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Thanks for the tip, toastie.

Kim, it's good to know I'm not the only sorda (deaf girl) that likes musica latina.

jelly said...

Emilie Simon is my favorite. Her videos are so creative and pretty.