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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kym, Here's My Needlework

This stamped cross-stitch hangs in my kitchen and greets all my friends who come in through the back door. It took me more than 10 years to finish. Not because the design was difficult, but life events got in the way of my good intentions.

I think I bought this crewel project at the same time as I bought the welcome cross-stitch one above. If it looks familiar to you, I wrote about it once before on this blog post about my kitchen.

I bought this counted cross-stitch sampler to make as a gift for a college boyfriend's parents who were farmers. Alas, the relationship was finished before the project so I kept it. It also hangs in my kitchen where it coordinates with my black/white checkerboard tile floor.

This sampler was the second cross-stitch project I ever sewed. Afterwards, I vowed never to do counted cross-stitch again (where you work from a blank canvas and a pattern on a separate paper). I haven't stuck to that promise but that's definitely the most difficult project I've ever attempted.

I suggested this counted cross-stitch design I found on the internet as a Christmas gift my son could make for my parents. It was his first (and possibly last) time to cross-stitch but he did complete the project. I liked it so much that I decided to make one for myself. This pattern was originally for a bookmark but I think it looks great in the larger size. I keep it prominently displayed in the kitchen for those times I feel overwhelmed and discouraged.

As the post title indicates, I created this blog entry with Kym in mind. She had recently expressed surprise that I liked to do needlework. I wrote her back promising to post these photos. When I went to take the photos however, I realized that most all of my recent projects have been gifts that I have given away. Two of them are pictured on this post.

Currently I'm in the middle of making the stamped cross-stitch design above for a good friend of mine. I thought you might like to see a project in progress. To me it looks as though it could use a good ironing. This is a small project that is going very quickly. I hope to give it to her soon.

Does anyone else like to cross-stitch?


Liz said...

All very nice Sarah

Frieda said...

I haven't cross stitched in years~ thanks for sharing!

kym said...

Sarah...those are fantastic. Quite the talent you have there! I'm impressed.

I have never tried to do stamped cross stitch, I only do free hand. I have a couple stamped pieces in my craft drawer I just haven't tackled them yet.
I love love love creating new pieces and stitching. There is just something about it that makes me calm and especially seeing someone so happy when you give them a completed piece as a gift.

They are all really great and thanks so much for sharing them, I'm so glad I got to finally see them all!!
I like the one with the two mugs, so cute.