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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Spreading Seeds of Faith, Hope, and Love

Blowing seeds
Blowing Seeds by Es' Factory

I was thrilled this week to receive an email from my aunt that said in part,
Dear Sarah,
I am sending you this email to show you what I did with your recent blog. You can see, I sent it on to the adult Bible class I teach at our church...The folks loved getting the song. It really did come to my mind shortly afterwards when we learned of the death of an elderly lady...whose whole life was one of seasons of love. So, Miss Sarah, you never know how far-reaching your influence is...

I'm so happy to know that encouragement I received from a friend and shared here on my blog was spread even further in the world.

I've always believed in my heart that my role in life is to be an encourager. To care about people and help them feel better no matter what situation they find themselves in. I'm an unrelenting optimist who always holds out hope for a better tomorrow. At least for others. Sometimes I'm not so positive about my own situation. I am learning the importance of encouraging myself when necessary.

Faith, hope, and love are three powerful words in the lexicon of encouragement. Here is what they mean to me. Faith is a belief beyond what I am able to perceive with my senses. At one very dark place in my life, this word came into my mind and I clung to it like a life preserver. When all else was gone, faith remained. Some people feel that faith can be lost. For me my faith is like Play-Doh. It can be stretched and shaped and changed over time, but it's still Play-Doh.

Hope is a belief in the power of change. I don't know why I'm an eternal optimist. Many people say I look through "rose-colored glasses" and don't have a realistic view. But I have seen people change. I've seen healing and I've seen broken relationships repaired. Not in every situation but enough times for me to hold out hope that it can happen again.

Love is a two way street. For me, it is easier to give love than to receive it. I find it hard to think of myself as "lovable" but I'm working on that. I'm starting to realize there are more people who love me than those who don't (and yes, there are people like that in my life.) I'm starting to value the opinion of the people who love me more and not define my self worth by the others. I am able to love others because I look for the good in them. Even when it's hard to see.

Readers, if there are any words on my blog, that you find of personal encouragement and you would like to pass them on to others, you have my blessing. My aunt credited me for sharing the song with her and I appreciate that. Receiving credit is nice and something I try to do on my blog when using words or images from other sites (see photo above as an example). Together let's spread some faith, hope, and love around our world.


Frieda said...

I have always lived by the words of "faith, hope and charity." When I do all three, I give love and experience love in return.

Fabulous post!

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Thanks, Frieda. I'm happy to know we share the same values.
All the best,
P.S. You have certainly been an encouragement to me with the comments you have left on my blog. Thank you.