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Friday, July 2, 2010

An Echo in My Ear

Since Wednesday night, I've been experiencing an echo in my left ear. For the last week and a half I've had an upper respiratory infection. On the weekend I had a very bad nosebleed. I think this is what has led to this new symptom. It is so annoying. I made an appointment with an ENT doctor but I can't get in for 3 weeks. Have you ever experienced this or known someone who has? Any ideas on what I should do until I get in to the doctor?

Update - Thanks to the power of Facebook, I had a friend contact me with the name of an ENT who might be able to see me sooner. I made an appointment for 2 weeks time. While talking with the receptionist, she said my problem is very common and is probably due to fluid in the Eustachian tube. Just hearing that reassurance made me feel much better.


Frieda said...

That's terrible that you have to wait three weeks to see an ENT! I hope the time goes by quickly and that you find some answers~

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Thanks, Frieda. I'm still hoping that this might clear up on its own in the meantime.

A friend on facebook sent me a link to this page which mentions Paulous Eustachian tube (Eustachian tube that stays open) which sounds a bit like what I'm experiencing. Fortunately that condition is not serious, just annoying.
For now, I'm keeping VERY QUIET as the sound of my own voice with its echo is unpleasant. Thank goodness for online communication.

(e said...

Aaaw, I'm sorry. I hope this goes away soon. Sounds irritating!!