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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

An Amazon Adventure

This week a group from Hear the World is exploring the Amazon in Peru. Phonak and Global Explorers teamed up to offer this first Hear the World Expedition. Here's a quote from their flyer:
The acoustical environment of the Peruvian Amazon is a complex symphony exploding with life where one's ability to listen is increasingly magnified. The capacity to hear is a fundamental part of life many take for granted; yet one in every six people worldwide is affected by hearing loss...

Full-time students ages 17-22 with or without hearing loss were eligible to participate. Accompanying them is Bill Barkley, the keynote speaker of the 2010 HLAA Convention. Previously Bill traveled to Africa and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro with Hear the World. This would be an amazing feat for anyone but even more so when you consider that Bill has Usher's Syndrome, a leading cause of deaf-blindness.

The travelers departed July 8th for Lima, Peru and will return home July 17th. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers that they will have an amazing adventure and stay safe.

In the fall the group will complete service projects where they tell their own stories. In the meantime you can follow along with the group by reading their expedition journal complete with sound clips and photos. You can also get to know the students on the expedition team by reading about them here. You can also read the group's Facebook updates (even if you don't have an account) here.

What a wonderful way to spread the word about hearing loss. I'm so proud of every one of them for committing to this incredible adventure.


biblio_chika said...

I'm a librarian too...
well, I'm a librarian for the time being, really...

it's just nice to know there are other librarians out there :)
I keep 2 blogs, one in Spanish and the same one in English if you ever feel like checking them out :)

more power to librarians!

kym said...

What a wonderful idea!!

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Hi Biblio Chika,
I will check out your blogs. I am interested in Spanish so I will enjoy looking at both.
Thanks for your comment!

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