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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Celebrating My Friend's Milestone

A close friend of mine just purchased her first home. I was so excited for her! This was a major milestone and I knew just how I wanted to mark the occasion. My girlfriend is a huge fan of Jimmy Stewart. So I put together a housewarming gift basket with bread, salt, and grape juice for her along with the home blessing from It's a Wonderful Life on a card. She loved it!

[You can click on a photo to see it larger.]

On Tuesday I took a day off of work to drive out to where she lives and deliver my housewarming basket. I was really excited to see her new home for myself. As I was getting the grand tour, I was pleased to see the cross-stitch gift I had made her last Christmas (to encourage her during her house hunting) prominently displayed in her kitchen.

That was the perfect excuse to bring out my most recent cross-stitch project, finished at 11 p.m. the night before, and give it to her as an early Christmas present. My friend likes Mary Englebreit's style, so I knew she would like this Christmas stocking. It says "All Hearts Come Home for Christmas." My girlfriend took it right out to the living room and showed me how she would hang it on her fireplace come next December.

Then it was time for furniture shopping. My girlfriend wanted me along as "sales person repellant" so she could shop in peace. I had never thought of myself as repulsive but she explained to me that sales people hover over buyers on their own but will leave two or more people in a group alone. That made me feel better... But there was one salesman I just couldn't resist! His name is Teddy and he's a standard poodle who spends his days in a resale shop. See how cuddly and affectionate he is.

After we had been to three stores, we found just what she was looking for in a place we hadn't planned on going to but that was located next to one of the other stores. My friend needed some chairs for her living room. As soon as I saw this one, I just knew it was perfect for her. In fact, I thought perhaps she already owned one like it, the style seemed so familiar. LOL, it turned out to be me that owns the chair - it's in one of my husband's man areas of the house. Anyways, my friend loved the chair and was delighted to find a pair of them on sale for a very reasonable price.

I'm happy to report that my dear friend has bought a home that's just right for her and I look forward to seeing how she decorates it and makes it her own. Thanks for sharing this special day with me via my blog.


Liz said...

How lovely and all the best for your friend in her new home.

jelly said...

Nice photos and best of luck to your friend in her new home.

I didn't know you stitched??!!