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Monday, November 30, 2009

Finally We Have the Final Three Teams: Amazing Race Episode 11

At the beginning of the show an announcement was made that one of the teams had incurred a "game-changing penalty". Then the producers showed us still photos of each team during the episode to leave us wondering who did it and how it happened. That was different. And the answer is...the Globetrotters. They incurred a 4 hour penalty for not completing a Roadblock task. Basically Big Easy gave up when all the other teams had figured out the solution and he was left behind clueless. His challenge was to rearrange the letters F, N, Z, A, R to spell Franz. One of the brothers had even told him the word's first letter was F. Surely it would not have taken 4 hours to try various combinations until hitting upon the solution! I was so disappointed in Big Easy. He and Flight Time waited out the time but by the time they got to the next cluebox the other 3 teams had made it to the Pit Stop. Never, give up.

Cheyne & Megan finished 1st and won TVs.
Sam & Dan finished 2nd.
Brian & Ericka to their utter amazement and relief finished 3rd.

Who do you predict will win the million dollars? I'm staying with my early pick of Cheyne and Meghan. In that blog post I wondered what the dating couple's racing dynamic would be like when they landed in the back of the pack. Well, that never happened. They've consistently been front runners. They have also been a refreshing change from the usual dating couple who go on the race to test their relationship. I've enjoyed their sweet interaction and will be cheering them to the finish line.

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