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Monday, November 9, 2009

Finding a Flag in a Haystack: Amazing Race Episode 8

Last night's episode featured a new twist - the Switchback task which turned out to be a repeat of an infamous task from a previous season. One contestant from each team was required to unroll haybales in hopes of finding a small Amazing Race flag hidden inside one. The odds were against them with 7 flags hidden among 180 haybales. An earlier race contestant spent 10 hours unrolling haybales without finding her clue, thus the notoriety of this task.

As luck would have it the Harlem Globetrotters found their flag first which pleased Flight Time to no end as it was his birthday! Meghan found hers next and played a trick on Cheyne. She approached him groaning that she couldn't do it anymore (she'd been at it more than two hours) and then pulled the flag out of her pocket and said, "Let's go!" That was an awesome race moment. The two of them remain my favorite team.

Brian found his next and went over a haybale with excitement. Sam who had been searching the longest and having to endure his brother's yelling from the sidelines found his next leaving only Gary to continue the task. Gary kept on and finally found a flag after unrolling for more than 3 hours. Fortunately it was a non-elimination leg and the father/son team remain in the race.

One of the other funny moments on the show was when Gary and Matt were navigating in Sweden and Gary kept reading off the Swedish street names which turned out to be no help at all. They have a great attitude towards each other and the race and they are definitely my second favorite team. I'm hoping for an equalizer to appear on the next leg so they can stay in the game.

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Glenice said...

I am so glad you recap the show and you do it so well. We were out of town and missed it last night. Thank you.