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Monday, December 7, 2009

Meghan and Cheyne Win: Amazing Race Finale

I've been thinking it over and I've concluded that Meghan and Cheyne were the ideal Amazing Race team. Not just for this season, but of all the seasons I've watched. Meghan was a strong athlete who held her own with the male contestants. Her partner Cheyne was sharp. He always seemed to figure out what needed to be done to give them the competitive edge. For example, in last night's episode, he figured out in two tries how to assist his partner in completing the task. Something that Brian and Ericka who had a substantial headstart could not emulate. Coming in last to the task of counting out $1 million in poker chips, Cheyne kept a cool head and immediately sized up what needed to be done. He and Meghan were the perfect partners, always patient and encouraging to each other. That's especially impressive as they are a dating couple. If I had the chance to speak directly to them, I would say, "Meghan, Cheyne is a keeper. If you decide to make a lifetime commitment, I wish you both all the happiness in the world. For now enjoy the money and spend it wisely."

For those who missed the episode, despite an early lead, Brian and Ericka ran in 3rd. The brothers came in 2nd. To my disappointment there was no final challenge that required any recall of events that took place during the course of the race. I hope the producers will bring that back for future seasons.


jelly said...

i just didn't watch it...i was bad.

Glenice said...

I was a little late to tune in, but I caught most of it and it was a good show. I think your thoughts regarding Meghan and Cheyne as a team are spot on.