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Friday, November 20, 2009

Photo Fun for Friday: Fall Yard Cleanup

Look what's been hiding around our yard!

Time to get out the rake.

My town offers leaf pickup service twice each fall
for residents who rake their leaves to the curb.

In the backyard, we cover the flowerbeds with leaves.

Leafless Lila Tree - It reminds me
of Charlie Brown's Christmas tree.

Faded Glory

Another surprise find - a still vibrant violet.

Last look at lovely autumn.

Rusty closes his eyes against the cold wind.
Can you tell he's lost weight?

I'll be watching the sky now for signs
of the first snow of the season.


Anonymous said...

Winter has definitely started coming in here in the UK, although had odd nice days. Raining now and windy as I write this.

jelly said...

our town has free leaf pickup also. we've already had our first pick up and everyone on the block had tons and tons of leaves!

our backyard is worse than our front, we keep up with the front more. in the spring we have a crew come out and clean up the back, it is too much for us to do...we've got loads of trees.

why did rusty lose weight?
he is such a cute dog!!

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Hi Liz,
This time of year I like to stay home and snuggle under a blanket on my couch with a good book. Having a cup of cocoa, tea, or coffee within arms reach adds to my pleasure. Sometimes we light a fire in our living room fireplace which is relaxing and comforting.
I probably would make a good bear. I like to hibernate!

I've started reading another Beverly Lewis series called The Heritage of Lancaster County. What are you reading now?

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Hi Jelly,
The vet was concerned about Rusty's weight last summer and wanted to run some tests. But we knew we'd been feeding him too many treats and people food and not giving him enough exercise. So we started giving him Weight Management dog food, tartar control chew bones instead of Milk Bone treats, and taking him out for more walks. As I look back on some of his other photos, I can tell a big difference. I think his vet will be pleased at his next appointment.

kim said...

I have to put Molly on a diet too. Since I myself struggle with weight gain, I feel it's a bit unfair to restrict her diet. I know how much pleasure eating gives her, and she has some issues after nearly being euthanized in an unwanted pet center before I got her less than a year ago. I like to give her whatever her little heart desires, she's such a sweetie.

I love fall, don't you? And winter too. Enjoyed your pics.

jelly said...

why look at rusty go...all slim and trim indeed.

i'm glad he's not sick or anything, he is such an adorable dog, so i was curious.

yay for the new improved rusty!
(i should take some hints from him as well!!)

Anonymous said...

Rusty is a handsome boy indeed. You did say what breed he is once, but I have forgotten.

I love the violet, have never seen that colour before and blooming all year too? I must look out for some, can you tell me the variety?

Your garden looks fab as usual. Lets hope the snow keeps away a little longer though we have some forecast for next Friday

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Hi Mog,
Rusty is a golden retriever - the more unusual red kind. I don't remember the violet variety. It's amazing that this flower has lasted so long. I will look out for it at the garden center next year and if I remember I'll send you the variety name.
Brrr - I'm not quite ready for snow.

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