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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

If Harry Potter had a hearing aid...

If Harry Potter had a hearing aid, instead of program settings there'd be spell settings:

Reparo to fix any malfunction.
Nomore Uhdawax to clean it.
Vox Heliuma to make Draco's voice sound like he'd been inhaling helium.
Amplifario to make Hermione's helpful whispers in class louder.

Maybe with a deluxe model, he could even use Translatia Comprehenso to understand foreign languages.

Or perhaps his hearing aid would be just a hearing aid, the way his glasses are simply glasses.


jelly said...

I want to live in a world where a hearing aid is just like glasses!!

And covered by insurance!!

Is Hogwarts hiring?

Anonymous said...

I like the idea in regards what Harry Potter may do, if he wore hearing aids.

r4i software said...

I like this article but..
last night i went to the midnight premiere of harry potter and the half blood prince! I was honestly so disappointed! was it just me or did it seem very choppy and for some reason didn't feel like it was a harry potter movie. Don't get me wrong some of the parts in it were either really funny or somewhat scary but i really was not satisfied. I don't know, what did you think?? Am i wrong? Give me your opinions..

SpeakUp Librarian said...

I haven't seen that film yet. I have to wait until it comes out on DVD so I can have captions.
Does anyone else have an opinion they'd like to offer?