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Monday, October 5, 2009

Dropped on Planet Mars: Amazing Race Episode 3

I'm not going to recap episodes from Amazing Race 15 as I did in the previous two seasons. But I will add my two cents as to which teams I favor.

Since the first episode, I've had my eye on dating couple Meghan and Cheyne. I really enjoy their interaction. They are always positive and upbeat. I was thrilled when they made it to the Pit Stop first in Tokyo at the end of the first leg of the race. We'll have to see how their team dynamic holds up when they're racing at the back of the pack.

I have to admit I was skeptical about father/son team Gary and Matt's ability to compete due solely to the father's age. But they proved me wrong coming in first in Vietnam, the second leg of the race. They continued to run a strong race last night, finishing third.

My top sentimental favorites are Zev and Justin. I really admire Zev's ability to cope with the chaos of the race as he has Asperberger's Syndrome. He provides great entertainment with his deadpan delivery of one liners in the interview segments. My other sentimental favorite team is the Harlem Globetrotter guys, Nathaniel and Herbert. They have stood head and shoulders above everyone else - literally - in countries such as Japan and Vietnam. They also have showmanship skills that make for enjoyable television viewing. I'm glad they were cast.

Best moment of the night when Ericka and Bryan, the married interracial couple, dubbed themselves Team Zebra.

Funniest moments were provided by obnoxious Lance, the muscleman/lawyer. It was priceless watching his red balloon float away. His boasting about being the strongest player in the race availed him of nothing when he couldn't comprehend that his clue was stored inside a bullet and he wasted time looking around for a clue someone apparently gave all the other teams but not him. Heh. And of course my post title came from the ever quotable Lance.

If you're watching the show this season, let me know who your favorites are and who you think just might cross the finish line first.


jelly said...

I've been watching and so far...I don't really care for any of the that bad? lol

I liked last season better, maybe I just need more time to watch and develop a like for a team.

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Hi Jelly,
Sometimes it takes a few episodes before we really get to know the teams. First impressions can be misleading like my opinion of Gary and Matt. I thought I was going to like the gay brothers but I actually don't so far. I started liking Tiffany, one of the poker players when she did all the work in the episode. We'll have to see if her teammate Maria steps up to the plate. Early days yet, but I like Meghan and Cheyne.

jelly said...

I think that's what it is.
It is just to early for me to pick a team to root for yet.

I wonder what Margie and Luke are up to these days?

SpeakUp Librarian said...

I'd like to know that too. I was secretly hoping one of them might email me after I blogged about them last season. But that didn't happen.
I bet they're watching and enjoying their memories of the race.