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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tammy & Victor Cross the Amazing Race's Finish Line First

The teams travelled over 5,000 miles from China to Maui, Hawaii for the race to the finish. For their first task, teams were required to season a 145 lb pig and then carry it dangling from a pole 200 yards to a luau. Margie & Luke although arriving in last place were smart and got the pig pole up on their shoulders. They passed Tammy & Victor and Jaime & Cara who were attempting to carry it at waist height instead. The other teams dropped their pig several times en route.

Moving on to the second task, Margie & Luke were in first place. They travelled to a beach at McGregor Point and swam out to a waverunner (jet ski). Margie drove with Luke behind her to a buoy field where they had to search among 100 buoys to find their next clue. They found one and were going back when they passed the other two teams. Jaime & Cara found their clue next putting Tammy & Victor in last place.

The clue directed teams to the final Road Block that would test their memory of race events. One member from each team was required to search through a large pile of surfboards looking for 11 boards with logos associated with an event on the race. Most of the surfboards in the pile had logos completely unrelated to the show. After finding the right ones they had to be lined up in the correct order to create a surfboard "fence".

Margie & Luke arrived first and Luke took the task. I thought they had the race in the bag at this point. As an avid fan of the show, Luke knew that the final leg would involve recalling previous legs in the proper order and Margie interviewed that he had studied up on everything they had done. Indeed Luke got off to a tremendous start having most of his surfboards in the right place before Tammy & Victor showed up next. Unfortunately, Luke had two incorrect boards in place and got hung up on that point. Victor quickly found the boards he needed and put them in the right order. Meanwhile after more cab trouble, Jaime & Cara had arrived and Jaime had taken the task. Victor finished and the brother/sister team leave for a triumphant finish at a golf course.

Luke found one more of the boards he needed. Jaime had all of hers but the first one. We weren't told how much time had passed since the siblings left but eventually Margie suggested that Jaime & Luke work together. Luke showed Jaime what she needed and she finished second. Before leaving Jaime showed Luke all her boards until he discovered he had been missing one with scorpions on skewers. Margie & Luke leave last.

There wasn't much suspense when Tammy & Victor crossed the finish line first in the presence of the other teams. Some time later Jaime & Cara arrived second and Margie & Luke came in third.

I was sad that my favorite team didn't win but I am proud of the great race they ran. At the finish line, Phil asked Luke to admit that his mom is the Bionic Woman. He then asked Luke what was special about Margie. He responded that not all parents of deaf children sign and he was happy that she learned to sign so they could communicate with each other. Tearfully, Margie interpreted what he said for Phil. Margie reiterated how very proud she is of her son and how wonderful it was to see his dream of competing on the Amazing Race come true.

Awww, Happy Mother's Day, Luke & Margie. Congratulations, Tammy & Victor. Well done! Jaime, stay out of taxis and Cara, pat yourself on the back for putting up with Jaime and finishing second.


jelly said...

I was routing for Luke and Margie up until the end. They did a terrific job and when Luke said those nice things about his mom, how proud she must've been!

Great show and looking forward to next season.

Deb Ann and Hannah said...

I'm proud of them for their bravery in Amazing Race. I just posted the article of Denver newspaper in my blog.

I'm with Jelly that they did a terrific job.