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Monday, May 18, 2009

Photos Worth a Thousand Words

by Sara L. Chapman and used with her permission.

Sara L. Chapman's Fave Photos blog is a visual delight. A professional photographer, Sara has created this blog to share some of her favorite personal photos. She regularly participates in themed photo blog memes including Scenic Sunday, Ruby Tuesday, Watery Wednesday, and Skywatch Friday. You'll see more outdoor than indoor shots on her blog with landscapes, flowers, and shadow pictures featured prominently.

I've never taken a class in photography but I've learned a lot just by looking at her photos and seeing how she frames them and how she captures contrasts in texture and light. I love the way she looks at the world and the beauty that she sees. I've been utterly inspired to get a digital camera of my own and learn how to take better pictures.

All this week, I plan to share some delightful internet discoveries I've made. I came across Sara's blog through this post by Ms. ToastBurner. Visit Sara's blog and tell her how you feel about her photos. She welcomes comments.


ms toast burner said...

I agree, Sara has a great eye.

Photography is great Sarah... very addictive! Go for it!

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Thanks. I've enjoyed the photos on your blog too!

Deb Ann and Hannah said...

Yes, that's true. Photos are worth a thousand words! I loved that picture! Also shows in a poetry.

Go for it, Sarah. I'm sure you'll have a lot of great pictures.

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Yes, DebAnn. Sara's photos are like poetry. I wish I could have thought of one thousand words to say about her pictures. Let me know what you think of her site.

Sara Chapman said...

I'm blushing and so flattered. Thanks all for your kind words!

The great thing about digital photos is that you can take an endless number, all for free! The abundance of it all is so exhilarating. You can take 20 views of the same scene and just delete, delete, delete later. That makes you so much better when you see what works and what's sort of boring. Hop onto the digital bandwagon. You won't look back.

SpeakUp Librarian said...

You're welcome, Sara. I hope you'll have a lot of new visitors to your site.
The photos I've posted to my blog have been taken with my cell phone. I definitely appreciate the fact that I can simply erase the ones I don't like. Remember the days when we waited with bated breath for a Polaroid picture to develop before our eyes? I remember many times picking up prints of my 35 mm film at the drugstore and not even waiting until I got home to open the envelope and thumb through the pictures. Photography has come a long way. The internet is a wonderful place to share photography through blogs and photo sites like flickr.