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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Children Express Their Hopes for a Better World Through the Doodle 4 Google Contest

Have you voted yet in the Doodle 4 Google contest? Students from grades K-12 have created Google logos that express their dreams for a better world. The public is invited to choose their favorites among forty finalists in 4 categories: grades K-3, 4-6, 7-9, and 10-12.

The National Winner will receive a generous scholarship for college and a technology grant for their school. You can read more about the contest here.

It was harder to choose than I expected. The young artists express their hopes for peace, love, and harmony among the people of the earth, for the care of animals and for a healthier environment for all of us. I was very inspired by the words each wrote to accompany their drawing. Several of the doodles are quite remarkable. Here were my picks:

Grades K-3: Region 9 One World One God I thought this was a very clever use of the Google logo.

Grades 4-6: Region 9 Learn Teach Reach and You Can Change As I work in education, I thought this was very appealing.

Grades 7-9: Region 5 Stop to Smell the Flowers I really liked this one's emphasis on nature appreciation as part of one's wellbeing. My second choice in this category would have been Region 3 Cleaner Oceans for the World. I was really drawn to the creativity and artistic ability in this drawing.

Grades 10-12: Region 8 Time to Go Home This category was my hardest choice because several of the drawings appealed to me. In the end I chose this one because it spoke to my heart. It expresses the hope for war to end and imagines what it would mean for the soldiers and their loved ones.

Congratulations to all the Regional Winners. Good luck on making it to the next level of the competition. Kudos to Google for offering such a marvelous opportunity for these students to have their hopes and dreams seen by the world.

I'd love to know which ones you liked and why if you care to share that. Voting in the contest ends May 18th. The winner will be presented on May 21st.


ms toast burner said...

1: 7 Friendship Around the World
- I've always liked that imagery and have a few similar pictures like that around my house. Plus most of my friends are in other places or from other places.

2: 10 Lets Heal the Planet
- I just liked the image and the message.

4: 6 Put Things In Perspective
- My education is in anthropology which stresses questioning your own perspective and that of others when viewing human life in all its variations. It's something I hold highly.

4: 1 I Wish
I wish too! and it's very groovy!

Thanks for bring that up Sarah... I would have missed that. I love art by kids!

jelly said...

Art by kids is always awesome.

I like "Let's Heal the Planet" because the message rocks and it is something we really need to do.

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Hi Ms. Toast Burner,
I like your choices too! I hope lots of people will vote. The kids did such a great job!

Hi jelly,
One of the quotes in my cubicle is "Hold an image of the life you want, and that image will become fact." I really like that these kids visualized a better world for themselves.

jelly said...

Aw, that's a nice quote you have at work Sarah, I like that.