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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Margie & Luke Make It to the Final Three

Last week's episode ended with Phil announcing that this leg of the race wasn't over yet and handing the next clue to the cheerleaders. Their task was to search a marketplace for a Travelocity Gnome (groan...isn't it time for a gnome target practice task? Oh, but I guess the sponsor wouldn't like that.) Jen & Kisha are stunned to discover they are still in the race. Phil tells them not to give up. All teams find their gnomes without much difficulty. The only purpose for the gnomes appears to be that clue directions are printed on the bottom. All racers carry them to the Pit Stop but Phil makes no mention of them there.

Next teams locate electric bikes and ride past Tiananmen Square. Tammy & Victor are fortunate enough to see a procession of guards and raising of a flag ceremony. When Luke gets on his bike he almost runs down Jen (not on purpose).

The Detour choice is Beijing Opera or Chinese Waiter. For Beijing Opera, teams must apply makeup to each other and dress in costumes to match example performers made up and dressed as a princess and a gentleman. For Chinese Waiter, teams must take the orders of 6 customers given in Mandarin and repeat them correctly to the cook. Once the dishes have been served to those customers, they receive their next clue.

Tammy & Victor who speak Mandarin opt for Chinese Waiter. They get the orders almost exactly right on their first try missing only by saying squid in place of fish. Well done!

All the other teams choose Beijing Opera. Margie is totally disgusted with Luke's efforts to make her up as a princess. She keeps turning to look at herself in the mirror frustrating Luke in his attempt to finish. He apologizes, "Sorry, Mom that I'm not a girl!" Heh. The all girl teams have no difficulty with this task but have a great deal of trouble finding the next clue box where a U-turn is posted!

Here Luke's knowledge of the game pays off. He tells his mom, the U-turn is always located close by the task. He's right. It's in the opera house. When they find it, they see that Tammy & Victor have already been there and U-turned Jen & Kisha. The sisters' photo has a scrawled message, "Sorry, but we can't outrun you." Ha. It's a lucky break for Luke & Margie that Jen & Kisha didn't get there before them!

The next clue directs the racers to a Road Block task. Who has a taste for adventure? Perhaps it should have read who has an iron stomach. The task is to eat grasshoppers, larva, scorpion, and starfish. Ewww. If it helps any, the food is fried and served on skewers. Victor takes the challenge and asks for ketchup. Heh. He does a great job eating these Chinese delicacies he had never tasted before. Next come Margie and Luke and Margie eats for her team. She also seems to have no problem eating these unusual foods.

Meanwhile the sisters and the cheerleaders lose time looking for the clue box. Jen & Kisha find it first and are not pleased to see themselves U-turned. They hurry on to the Chinese restaurant. This part was fun to watch. The girls write down the orders to the best of their ability and then say them back to the cook. The amusing part is that CBS posts what they really say in Mandarin. Total nonsense of course. The girls persevere and eventually get the orders right. I have to admit I was impressed there.

They go on to the food challenge while the cheerleaders decide to retrace their steps from the opera house. Fortunately they check inside and discover the clue box. They wonder if the sisters have had time to complete the second task while they've been wandering the neighborhood. The answer is yes and Jen is nearly done eating the food. When the cheerleaders show up, she is starting to gag. She drinks alot of water to get the food down while her sister looks on in concern.
Cara steps up for the cheerleaders and eats like she's on a race for a million dollars. Whew. I was impressed for the second time tonight.

Meanwhile, Victor & Tammy have arrived at the mat and received the news that they are team #1 and will be competing in the final leg of the race. They also find out from Phil that they have won a trip to the Galapagos Islands. Nice.

Margie & Luke arrive second. Hooray! They are in the final three. This is what I've been hoping for this whole season. Way to go, Margie & Luke.

Now it's a cab race between the cheerleaders and the sisters. The sisters arrive first but Jen has to take a potty break due to all the water she drank while eating. It's a costly stop as the cheerleaders make it to the mat seconds before they do. Jaime & Cara are in the final three. Although disappointed, Kisha insists she won't hold their loss against her sister's urgent need for a bathroom break. She says they wouldn't have made it this far without her sister's strong performance other times. Wow, what a nice sister.

There are three strong teams for the finish. Of course I'm rooting for Margie & Luke. My second choice would be Tammy & Victor. I'm glad they did so well in China as they felt it would be important to their parents. Jaime & Cara are a team I am not that excited about with the exception that they were the first team to become friendly with Margie & Luke. Phil pointed out to them that they have an opportunity to become the first all female team to win the Amazing Race.

Go, Margie & Luke, go!


dinna said...

Hey.. I've been busy with stuffs and couldn't post comments here, but your blog is still the first one I check every Monday ;)

I first thought Tammy and Victor should've been eliminated before, but at this point, those are three strong teams and they deserve to be in the Top 3.

Let's see who will finish first next week. Can't wait ;)

Jenny said...

I was really impressed with Margie and proud of her when she ate the Chinese street food...

I'm glad they came in second...

Deb Ann and Hannah said...

I'm so happy that they came in second. It was so exciting. I think I'd be so nervous to watch next week!

Go for it, Margie and Luke. We are with you all the way!

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Thanks dinna, I appreciate your support.

Yes, Jenny, I have been very impressed with Margie's stamina and determination throughout the race. I liked her comment last night that at the beginning she was doing the race for Luke but now she's running just as much for herself!

Hi Deb Ann & Hannah,
I think Luke's knowledge of the Amazing Race is going to give him an advantage in the final task. I'm sure he has kept careful notes of all their experiences so far on the race and will be able to give the right answers in the end. The last challenge reviews what the racers have done throughout the race. Go, Luke & Margie, go!

jelly said...

I was on pins and needles the entire time watching it!! So close!

Next week should be exciting and I will be cheering our Margie/Luke on.

Very good show!

Don G. said...

YESSSSSSSSS! Kisha and Jen are OUUUUUUUTTTTT! Ding Dong, the bitches are dead, the bitches are dead, the bitches are dead, Ding Dong, the Deaf-hating bitches are deaddddddd......

I thought for sure they were going to get into the pit stop first. Stupid cheerleaders for getting lost and making it that close! Kisha and Jen done in by themselves.... for the simple need to pee! HA! Karma is great, sometimes!

Go, Margie and Luke!

jelly said...

I didn't think Jen/Keisha were 'deaf haters' were they?

They were strong competitors and if the one sister hadn't stopped to use the bathroom, I do believe they would be in the top 3.

Don G. said...

Well, their behavior a couple of weeks ago disgusted me. Right then and there I started rooting against them. Not only did they say things about Luke, but they said things about Chinese people (anyone catch their comment that "all the Chinese look alike"? I can remember when Whites said that about Blacks, and that was "ok"....

So, are they Deaf haters? I don't really know. But I saw enough that I definitely did not want to see them win.

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Thank you for clarifying your comment, Don G.

Squ65 said...

Glad that Luke and Marge made it on time. Poor Jen ended up going to the porta-potty. She would have peed in her pants and win the third place. Oh well -- Kisha and Jen are gone! I don't appreciate Jen and Kisha when one of the sisters pushed him away at the pit stop and calling him bitch behind his back. Luke arrived first at the pit stop. It disgusted me. Congrats to the three teams.