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Friday, May 8, 2009

Flowers for Friday: Hooray for May

Two purple perennials:
violets in the foreground
grape hyacinths in the background.

Remember the parrot tulip from last week?
Now these tulips have opened up and from this angle
it almost looks as if the "birds" are ready for flight.

White lilac
Lovely fragance. Once I stuck my nose
right up to them and inhaled deeply. Big mistake.
I was stuffed up afterwards. Allergic I suppose.
Now I keep my distance and sniff from afar.

In my area we are advised against planting annuals
until May 15. It's tough to wait. I've always wanted to
plant pansies (one of my mother's favorites) and
this is my year. It's okay to plant these flowers
now because they can stand the cool weather.

This sunny sweetheart is called a viola.
It's a relative to the pansy. I bought extra
of these ones to give to my mother in a pot
for Mother's Day. Yellow is her favorite color.

Our ferns add a woodsy touch to the backyard.

Look how the hostas have grown!
The walkway will narrow as they continue to grow.


Anonymous said...

Looks lovely! :)

jelly said...

Looks fantastic Sarah.

I like the look of your path in the backyard with the hostas. I think I mentioned before, we just planted hostas, mine are a bit smaller but I am looking forward to seeing them grow. I hear they spread like crazy!!

I'd love to see more pics of your backyard...more, more!! :-)

ms toast burner said...

Those hostas are amazing! Woo!

deafdude said...

Such pretty plants/flowers! Id love to own 5+ acres of land when I move out!

I finished my post on stem cell cure.

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Thanks, Liz.

Hi jelly, I got married in my backyard and that path was my bridal aisle. :) I don't know about hostas spreading exactly. We have divided the ones in the picture 2-3 times already and added them to other parts of the yard. Someday I think we will have to have a Super Hosta Sale or else our yard will become a hosta forest, hee hee.

Hi, Ms. Toast Burner, The hostas are even lovelier when in bloom.

Thanks, deafdude. Our yard is not even 1 acre and we've done alot with it. Do you want to live out in the country? BTW great post on stem cell treatment.

jelly said...

You should post a pic of you getting married in your backyard, that is so cool!!

SpeakUp Librarian said...

hmmm, maybe I could...I have an anniversary coming up next month. It's been 15 years. The funny thing is that in regards to the photos we took that day I wasn't so keen on them back then but every year since they look better to me! ha, ha.