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Friday, March 20, 2009

Come Walk With Me and Rusty

I found this interesting meme on Mog's blog: Take a circular walk around your neighborhood and stop every 5 minutes to take a photo. Mog's pictures are lovely. She lives in a scenic area with woods and water nearby. Looking at her photos and reading their descriptions made me feel just as if we'd gone for a walk together.

I decided to participate in her meme challenge in my own way. Daily walks are part of my life seeing as I own a dog. But where I walk is in a residential area and I don't feel comfortable posting photos of other people's homes on my blog. So I decided to record the walk from Rusty's point of view. You can see all his favorite stops. Leash tugging not included.

Beyond any doubt walk is one English word Rusty recognizes. He gets so excited when I come home from work and take him for a walk first thing. He's very patient even when I have to change my shoes, get a warmer coat, locate a plastic bag, strap on his leash, etc. Once he's heard that magic word walk though, he will hold you to it. Just going into the backyard won't cut it.

We're off! It can be mesmerizing to watch that lovely tail wag back and forth with happiness.

Our first stop is this aromatic rock. Usually another dog has passed by this way and left a calling card for Rusty to sniff.

This pine tree is in the front yard of my dear neighbor, Wendy's house. She is often willing to go for a walk with us. Rusty adores her. While walking, she and I will usually rehash our day at work and keep an eye out for what's happening in the neighborhood.

Well, we've managed to make it about a half block so far. Walking with a dog is not a fitness walk for the owner. It's more like this: Rusty will take a few steps, pause to scratch, meander over here, pause to watch a squirrel, move over here to check out an interesting smell, walk forward, spot another dog, jump up and down, calm down, walk on again.

We've made it to the first corner. This traffic sign is another stop for Rusty. According to Wendy, he's checking his "pee-mail". [Groan.]

Rusty is a modest dog. Notice how this hedge forms a privacy screen around the plant he uses as a bidet. He hates for anyone to watch too. I've preserved his privacy by keeping him out of this photo.

We're on the homestretch now when Rusty encounters this fire hydrant. I couldn't resist taking his photo with this traditional dog magnet.

Home again! The fresh air has done us all some good. Now it's time to start dinner.

I hope you enjoyed my version of Mog's meme. If you participate and post your own walk on your blog, let me know and I will link to it here.

Ms. Toast Burner's walk, part one

Ms. Toast Burner's walk on Moss Street


mishkazena said...

That's neat. I've never thought of this approach!

kim said...

Rusty is cute. I loved walking with you. Must be cold there in Chicago. I might take you all for a walk in my neighborhood, not this week, but early April, since I'm heading out for awhile.

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Thanks, mishkazena.

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Thanks for joining us, Kim. I look forward to walking in your neighborhood. Later in the spring would have been more scenic around here but I didn't want to wait.
Tail wags from Rusty.

ms toast burner said...

It looks cold! But awww, what a lovely dog!

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Thank you, ms. toast burner. I've linked to your walk in my blog post. Your photos are terrific.

jelly said...

That was great Rusty!! You are a cutie and I better not let one of my girls come near you, I think they'd be rather smitten with you.

That was so neat!

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Thanks, Kym.
Yeah, Rusty's a cutie alright. He's better known in the neighborhood than I am, ha, ha.
Will you be posting a walk?

Anonymous said...

Rusty looks happy, must like attention. Tigerman

jelly said...

Yes, I am going to do one.
With all my crazy canines. I'm hoping to do it this week.

Yours was fun and creative.

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Cool, Kym. I look forward to walking with you and your dogs.

Yes, tigerman, Rusty thrives on attention.