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Sunday, October 11, 2009

And the First Shall Be Last: Amazing Race Episode 4

In last week's preview, we were told that one team misplaced their travel documents. Shortly before tonight's episode, I saw a clip that revealed the team to be one of my sentimental favorites, Zev and Justin. Oh, no. Not them!

All through this leg of the race, I kept waiting for the fatal moment to occur. I was sure we would see them leave behind their passports as happened with Toni and Dallas on a previous season. I was wrong because they arrived in first place at the Pit Stop without incident. Sadly, their triumph was short-lived as they discovered Zev's passport was missing shortly afterwards. Hmm...I wondered is that standard procedure for teams to be required to produce their travel documents to show staff at the end of each leg?

Phil told the guys they had to retrace their steps to try and recover the missing passport before the last team arrived at the Pit Stop. They were unable to do so and were eliminated from the race. Darn! I really would have liked to have seen more of them on my tv.

Dating couple Megan and Cheyne continue to look strong and interact well with each other as a team. Lance and Keri had a much easier time of it on this leg of the race but there was less humor in tonight's episode as a result. They continue to be my least favorite team.

Bye, Zev and Justin. I'm sorry to see you go so soon!

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jelly said...

I missed AR last night...there was a football game on during the day which must've ran over, so 60 minutes was on and then well, at 9:00 I watch Dexter.

So glad for your recap.