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Saturday, July 19, 2008


I was walking through the mall with my friend Linda recently. We live about 2 ½ hours away from each other and like to meet at a mall located halfway between us and shop until we drop. My friend Linda is something else! She can outwalk me any day of the week. This was the first time we’d met to go shopping since I began wearing my hearing aids. I wondered how it would be different now. I did pretty OK hearing her soft spoken voice in the noisy food court when we had lunch. But later on as we continued shopping, I got so tired of coping with all the loud sounds around us that I turned my hearing aids to their “T switch” setting. This is the closest to an “off” switch I’ve got without removing them altogether. Well, I promptly forgot that I had done this and was I in for a surprise when I passed through a security gate at the bookstore. Zzzzzap! I winced and probably even staggered. If it's possible I had just been "electrocuted" by sound... Linda looked at me like "What's your problem?" The problem was invisible. Ahhh....hearing aids.

This was originally posted October 5, 2007. Since then I have continued to zap myself - believe it or not. It happens most often when I walk in the vicinity of the security gates located next to the library's circulation desk and main entrance while wearing a PocketTalker (an assistive listening device). When I forget I reel back as if someone has hit me, when I remember in time I make a strange and sudden retreat from the area. I'm sure our circulation staff finds me pretty amusing at times.


Justin said...

I've had my new HA's for a week now, and just had the same thing happen to me!

I was at the mall, and as I entered a bookstore, the alarm things went off. And they did it again as I left, even though I pressed the little buttons on my HAs, but could still hear a loud, horrid, machine-y, "rerererere" noise as I got closer then passed through them. I had to go back in and show the lady at the desk, my HAs in my ears and tell her that they set it off. She looked at me funny then shrugged and said, "oh...OK". Kinda embarrassing. :\

What would you advise (as to what to do in those situations, or what to do to my HA's)?
What is it in newer, digital HAs that cause the alarms to sound? Some kind of magnet or something?

Sorry for the questions, but this was definitely a new situation for me, that I thought maybe you could help with!

~Justin said...

Darn those T-coils! hahaha A help and a hinderance, both! I can tell when I press my little buttons, because my HA's will beep, and I'll be awash in the quietude of a low hum.