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Friday, July 18, 2008

A Rose By Any Other Name

Fall 2006

As mentioned before, I experienced hearing aid failure and was quite huffy about it. Here's a bit more of the story: The day I went to the audiologist and learned about ear wax, I actually had an earlier appointment with an otolaryngologist for a second opinion about my hearing loss and the hearing aids I was prescribed. I was that upset about my hearing aids failing.

Of course I had never been to this doctor before and was unfamiliar with his waiting room setup. I was also anxious about squeezing this appointment in before I went to the audiologist. When my name was called at the exact time of my appointment, I was impressed. The nurse called out my first name "Sarah" and remarked to me, "The doctor's going to see what the problem is" which sounded reassuring.

Then she led me in to the examining room which surprisingly looked exactly like my optometrist's. Hmmm, I thought to myself, maybe he has to share his office space because his is being remodeled... The nurse had left the room before I had a chance to ask.

Next thing I knew there was a small commotion in the hallway. Even though I didn't have my hearing aids on, I could discern someone saying, "You called my name." Uh oh. I went out to investigate. The nurse was there speaking with another woman and a doctor. I asked the nurse if she had said, "Sarah". "No, I said Vera," she replied. Oops. the doctor turned to me and said, "Are you here to see the hearing doctor?" I nodded. "Good!," he replied. Crushed, I returned to the waiting room hoping no one out there was aware of my faux pas.

Unfortunately, the otolaryngologist was running behind schedule and I never did get in to see him. I told the receptionist untruthfully that I would reschedule. Frankly, I couldn't wait to get out of there! Fortunately the audiologist fixed my problem that day and equilibrium was restored to my universe.

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Comment by Cindy of Beethoven's Ears: "I'm always afraid something like this will happen to me, too. Anytime I have an appointment, I stress that I'm hard of hearing to the receptionist - sometimes people that overhear my conversation with the receptionist will let me know when it's my turn."

My reply: "That's very kind of them. I'm thinking that from now on when I sign in at the doctor's office, I'm going to ask the receptionist to put a Post-it note with "hard of hearing" on my chart."


Deb Ann said...

Good idea about having a receptionist to put a Post-it note with "hard of hearing" on my chart."

Sometimes a nurse forgets that I'm Deaf while waiting in the lobby room.

Megan said...

Oh man, this is why I get so nervous about waiting rooms... or really any situation when I need to keep an ear out for my name! :) Thanks for linking me to this story. I did enjoy it!

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Hi Megan,
Fortunately I have a sense of humor about myself and the situations I get into...It was just rough that this was my introduction to life with hearing loss. I thought I was in for a lifetime of embarrassing moments, but it hasn't turned out that way after all. At least not on a daily basis, perhaps monthly would be more accurate, ha, ha.