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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Summer in My Garden

Originally posted June 9, 2008

I was inspired by DebAnn's Summer Song and LaRonda's Spreading Some Heartshine to share with you some lovely photos of summer in my garden.

These irises are my "legacy" flowers. They were given to me by my Uncle Henry out of my late grandmother's garden. The one on top is a bluish-white and the one on the bottom is a yellow iris. They are so fragile and last only a brief time.

Once the irises are gone, it's time for the peonies to take the stage. These flowers were here when we bought our house. We've been able to divide them twice and transplant them to other areas of our yard. What's interesting about the peonies is that they come out in tight buds which are opened by ants. The ants climb over the buds for a few days before they blossom. These peonies are a light pink and have a delicate fragrance.

These photos show the gate on the side of our garage that leads to the backyard. Aren't these lovely hanging baskets? They feature petunias which like to be in a sunny spot. An annual, petunias will continue to bloom all summer if they are watered and given plant food.

This is my new glider swing, just purchased two weeks ago. Where it stands now, we used to have my son's swingset. Now that he's outgrown it, I was pleased to pass it on to a friend with young children and replace it with this grownup swing.Wouldn't you just love to sit here with me and have a glass of lemonade? If you did, this is what you'd see from the glider. Our backyard water garden. It has a waterfall down the slope on the right. My husband envisioned this and built it himself six years ago.

Who knew then, that we'd be acquiring a water dog who considers that pond to be his personal swimming hole. No photo essay of my garden would be complete without a photo of my faithful companion, Rusty. Totally content to lie in the shade by the hour while I weed. An occasional stick to gnaw on is all he requires. Rusty is a golden retriever, the reddish gold kind. He's lived with us for three years this summer. Hope you enjoyed this look at summertime in my garden. I'll update it as the summer progresses.

Update: View the slide show to see more photos of the garden as the summer has progressed.

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Deb Ann said...

Hello Sarah!
They're soooooo beautiful! You have such a comforty garden. Great for iced-tea and enjoy the view of your garden. :) I love the idea that you put the last picture of your precious dog!

LaRonda said...

This is what life is about! Your post is one of the gems of Deaf Extra. People who look only on the front page of DeafRead often miss the tender fruits of the human heart that appear in posts like these.

Yes, share your summer garden with love and pride. Spread the heartshine!

~ LaRonda

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Thanks deb ann and laronda for inspiring me to make this post. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Deb Ann said...

Hi again! I took a picture of my blooming flowers this morning. I was thinking about you, so please come visit my blog and see the picture of the flower :)

LaRonda's blog added your link and mine this morning, so check her blog as well.