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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Book Review: Talk, Talk

I just finished reading Talk, Talk by T.C. Boyle. This book is a thriller that explores the question of what someone might do if their identity were stolen. Dana is a deaf teacher who finds herself pulled over by a police officer when she rolls past a stop sign on her way to the dentist. A bad situation becomes a nightmare when the officer arrests her and takes her to jail. With the help of a translater she learns she has been charged for crimes she never committed. Once the mistaken identity is cleared up, she is released from prison but finds she can't let her anger go. She can't leave it up to the police to apprehend the thief and bring him to justice. She must go after the man who has caused her so much trouble. How far will she go and what price is she willing to pay for revenge?

Dana is not alone in her quest. Her hearing boyfriend, Bridger, is literally along for the ride as Dana chases the thief from California to New York. Their relationship faces difficult odds as most deaf/hearing couples don't make it. Will this trial bring them closer or tear them apart?

Talk Talk spoke to so many fears of mine like vulnerability, identity theft, communication struggles, and relationship worries that I was compelled to turn the pages and find out what happens to Dana and Bridger even as I bit my own nails in empathy.

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Kim said...

I read this book awhile ago and love it! Great review!

Kim :-)