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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Best Gag Birthday Gift I've Seen

Last Saturday night, my husband and I attended the 50th birthday party of a wife of one of his long time friends. We brought with us a gift bag holding 50 golf balls and a funny card. A bowler and a golfer, she laughed when she saw it, especially when she read my note that said we had considered bringing 50 bowling balls, but the golf balls proved easier to carry. Hee, hee. Her husband told us he had given her a red thong for her birthday. I wasn't sure what to say to that... Imagine my delight when I saw her later wearing it on her head as a hat!

The surprise hit of the evening was inside a beautifully wrapped box sitting innocently among a pile of presents on the table. Not everyone had gone with a humorous gift, she also received some lovely clothes and jewelry. However, inside this present was a note on top that read "When I am old I shall wear purple" a reference to this popular poem. Underneath a layer of tissue paper was a purple dress - an old lady house dress. Good sport that she is, she immediately put it on. Underneath the next layer of tissue was an old lady pocketbook with a note that said "look inside". There she found a rouge blusher, sponge curlers, and a pair of reading glasses. She put the reading glasses on and announced, "Hey, I can see with these things!" At her friends' urging, she put the pocketbook on her arm. Next inside was a support bra. She had already received a birthday card with the words to the song "Do Your Ears Hang Low?" changed to "Do Your Boobs Hang Low?" She put the bra on over the dress. Tee hee. There was one final item in the box - a crocheted shawl. She gamely put that on too and before our eyes she had aged to a much older person. Everyone was roaring with laughter. But wait, something was missing. Where was the card that revealed who had brought this unique gift? Nowhere to be seen and no one would own up to it either. Someone suggested to her that she pass it on to her next friend that turns fifty, maybe with some support stockings added. Regifting at its finest.

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Taylorstales-Genealogy said...

I can't wait to use this gift idea on your 50th birthday, although I know that you have MANY years to go!!