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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Been Busy Baking

What's making Rusty's mouth water?
The wonderful smells in the kitchen.
I took a week off of work and I've been
busy baking. Here's what I've made so far...

White Chip Chocolate Cookies
[recipe from Hersheys]
We call this the reverse chocolate chip at our
house. It's very rich, almost like a brownie.

Pumpkin Cookies
I had some leftover canned pumpkin from baking pumpkin
bread and I decided to try my hand at these cookies.
They are delicious and aromatic.

[recipe from my trusty Better Homes and Gardens
cookbook] These classic cookies are easy to make
and there are no unusual ingredients to buy.

Tomorrow I'm going to try my hand at a cinnamon bun recipe that's been handed down from my grandmother to my mother and now to me. I was surprised when I asked my mom for the recipe that she had the ingredients and directions completely in her head. She doesn't have them written down anywhere! It's a two day project which explains why I've never gotten around to making them myself. Not to mention that my mother spoils us by bringing them when she visits and regularly serving them at her house.

Then it's on to making more traditional Christmas cookies: gingerbread men, cookie press cookies, and sugar cookie cutouts. We also like to make chocolate covered pretzels for Christmas too. Fortunately, this year my teenage son has shown a great interest in helping me bake and has been willing to help clean up afterwards. Of course he (like me) enjoys sampling the goodies. Cookies taste best hot out of the oven.


Glenice said...

Looks good. This post is making my mouth water. MMmmmm.

jelly said...

ooohhh sarah...yummy.
did rusty get a treat i hope?

we made pumpkin spice cookies...they are good. :-)