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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Unabated Baking

Gingerbread Men

I've continued baking. I was halfway through making these gingerbread cookies when I noticed I didn't have enough ginger. Oops. I made a quick run to a local shop for this vital ingredient. The cost was an outrageous $5 for a small jar of the spice. But what could I do?

That wasn't my only baking mistake. As I mentioned in a recent post, I had planned to try out my mother's and grandmother's cinnamon roll recipe this week. Fortunately, the recipe needs to be baked in two separate batches. Here's why.... My husband and I were sampling the first batch fresh out of the oven and realizing they didn't taste quite the way mom's do. While eating my fourth bun, I wondered aloud if she uses more brown sugar. Then it hit me, I had forgotten to add the cinnamon. When my husband heard that, he pointed out to my embarassment that cinnamon would have to be a main ingredient considering the name and all. Needless to say, I made sure to add cinnamon to the second batch and they tasted closer to mom's. But hers are still the best!
Sugar Cookies

Last night my son and I made up some dough to use in our cookie press. It's practically an antique handed down to me from my late mother-in-law. To our disappointment the cookie press no longer works. So we rolled out the dough and cut out these sugar cookies instead. I'm planning to give these bell shaped cookies to a friend of mine who collects bells. I think she'll enjoy them. I had fun decorating them for her.

Sugar Cookies

These Christmas tree shaped cookies are decorated with cinnamon candies. Some of them melted during the baking process. My son and I decided those were the ones we'd eat. Mmmm.
Tonight we plan to make chocolate covered pretzels. Yum!

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kim said...

WOW-- great pics!! They look so yummy. I bet your house smells heavenly with all that baking you've been doing.