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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Off to a Good Start

On Monday I learned I have a new boss. Today he brought in these delicious oreo frosted cupcakes with a little mini oreo on top for my coworker's birthday. Delicious! You can see we lost no time in getting into them as two are already gone from the package!

Jelly, he would be a dream boss for you! Want to come work at my library?


ms toast burner said...

So how many birthdays are you planning to have this year, Sarah?

Jelly's cupcake radar must be on the fritz, I thought she'd have posted by now!

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Hi Marnie,
There's four of us in the department so I guess that makes four celebrations. As you know mine has already gone by, but I guess he can make it up to me next year, ha!

jelly said...

Here I am!! (waving frantically) has been busy this morning, haven't had time to check my favorite blogs, but, I'm so glad I did, because I got to see these beauties. :-)

Yes, I would love to have your boss as my boss...and to top it off your around books all day. 2 of my all time favorite things.

Lucky girl. ;-)

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Glad you didn't miss out on this post, Jelly. I thought about titling it "Just for Jelly" smile.

You'll have to stay tuned for my next post on the future of books.

Deb Ann and Hannah said...

They look so good!