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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Not Quite the Shape I Want to Be In

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I wrote yesterday about my workout efforts. The frustrating thing is that even though I've been exercising for a year now, my weight has stayed exactly the same. It's enough to make me want to throw my scale against the wall. My friends try to reassure me that I've gained more muscle and that weighs more than fat.

Does muscle weigh more than fat?
Find out here. Check out a more detailed explanation here.

Hmmm. Oh well, maybe it's just time for a new scale! Anyways, I had to laugh when I received the following "conspiracy theory" in my email. Enjoy!

This is happening right now! Have you noticed that stairs are getting steeper. Groceries are heavier. And, everything is farther away.. Yesterday I walked to the corner and I was dumbfounded to discover how long my street had become!

And, you know, people are less considerate now, especially the young ones. They speak in whispers all the time! If you ask them to speak up they just keep repeating themselves, endlessly mouthing the same silent message until they're red in the face!

I also think they are much younger than I was at the same age. On the other hand, people my own age are so much older than I am. I ran into an old friend the other day and she has aged so much that she didn't even recognize me. I got to thinking about the poor dear while I was combing my hair this morning, and in doing so, I glanced at my own reflection well, really now - even mirrors aren't made the way they used to be!

Clothing manufacturers are less civilized these days... Why else would they suddenly start labeling a size 10 or 12 dress as 18 or 20? Do they think no one notices? The people who make bathroom scales are pulling the same prank. Do they think I actually 'believe' the number I see on that dial? Ha! I would never let myself weigh that much! Just who do these people think they're fooling?

I'd like to call up someone in authority to report what's going on -- but the telephone company is in on the conspiracy too: they've printed the phone books in such small type that no one could ever find a number in there! All I can do is pass along this warning: We are under attack! Unless something drastic happens, pretty soon everyone will have to suffer these awful indignities.

Please pass this on to everyone you know as soon as possible so we can get this conspiracy stopped!

LOL, there's a grain of truth in there. At a coworker's suggestion, I recently increased the font size on my computer screen. What a world of difference it made! Ah well, such is the life of the middle age plus. Don't mind me, I'm going out shopping for an accurate scale.

Can you relate?


ms toast burner said...

I have never relied on a scale. It is a very poor measure of fitness and/or fatness (and/or personal worth for that matter).

Your friend is entirely correct, Sarah, listen to her AND throw your scale against the wall (post some pictures if you do! That'd be cool! :D heehee...). It's very possible to become less fat (smaller, leaner) and fitter and stay the same or gain weight.

Your best measure tools are girth measurements, how your clothes fit, your fitness levels, your health and simply how your feel about yourself.

This article explains it well and the website that it comes from is, imo, one of the best sources for fitness info there is.

Well done for exercising for a year!

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Thanks for the link. It was very informative!

kim said...

Yes-- I relate. Your picture of five pound of fat was gross. It's enough to make me go on a diet. I really need to exercise more. Whether or not you've lost weight, it's still good for your overall health. :-)