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Monday, April 27, 2009

Carrying a Grudge Doesn't Slow Down Margie & Luke

In last night's episode, it was apparent that Margie & Luke are still upset at Jen & Kisha. Luke stated, "I'm done. I'm not going to talk to them." The sisters said in an interview they were ready to move on and be over it. The two teams kept a wary distance from each other during this leg of the race.

With four teams left, everyone was focused on making it to the final three for the race to the finish line. At the airport, Tammy used her Chinese language skills to arrange for a seat near the front of the plane while requesting the other teams be seated near the back. Game on!

The racers flew to Beijing, home of the 2008 Summer Olympics. Tammy & Victor had just been there to attend the games! They said, "If we don't survive the Beijing leg, we will bring disgrace to the Chinese people." Could this be foreshadowing?

The first destination was a foot massage spa where racers were asked, "Who's feeling manipulative?" For this Roadblock, one team member must drink Chinese herbal tea and receive a foot massage. Sounds easy enough but there was a twist. The foot massage was extremely painful and if a racer cried "uncle" before 10 minutes had passed, the massage would start again. This was unpleasant to watch. I think someone at CBS has a sadistic streak. First racers had to run in their underwear in Siberia and now they had to endure a massage that brought them to tears. CBS, on behalf of your viewers I'm crying "uncle" here. For the record, Cara, Kisha, Tammy, and Luke got the massages and all made it through their ordeal.

Their next stop was a nautatorium where Michael Phelps swam in the Summer Olympics. Racers were given the Detour options of Sync or Swim. In sync, they were required to jump off diving boards and hit the water at the same time. In swim, the teams must swim 400 meters and compare their time with Phelps'. Yeah, right.

Tammy & Victor chose sync but after numerous tries were unable to hit the water at the same moment. They gave up and switched to swim. Jaime & Cara who are strong swimmers had already powered their way through this task. Margie & Luke also put in an excellent performance in the water, finishing second.

As seen in last week's preview, Jen has a strong fear of drowning. She & Kisha first tried the diving task. Looking down at the water from the diving board, Jen backed out and insisted on the other task. Her sister swam her lap but when it was Jen's turn she just couldn't do it. She told Kisha they need to go back to diving. After unsuccessfully diving, Jen was in tears saying she wanted to go home. To her credit, Kisha was extremely patient with her sister. By now all the other teams had completed the Detour and gone on to the Pit Stop destination. Kisha urged her sister to "finish strong" by swimming. She wore a life jacket even though she didn't need one to show support for her sister who did. Certain they were out of the race, the sisters nevertheless completed the swimming task without quitting.

Meanwhile in their taxicab, Jaime and Cara recalled other times on the race they had left a Detour first only to arrive at the Pit Stop after another team. This time, they get to Phil first. But something was wrong. He didn't proclaim them "team #1". Instead he handed them a clue and told them the leg wasn't finished! The words "To Be Continued" appeared on the screen and that's the last we saw of this episode. I guess we can't count Jen & Kisha out yet. I would have liked to have seen their reaction to Phil's surprise.

The preview for next week showed teams sampling Chinese delicacies and the cheerleaders struggling with the language barrier. Go, Luke & Margie, go.


jelly said...

I didn't see Margie and Luke in next weeks previews, did you?

I'm glad there wasn't bickering this week and that they are moving on from last weeks problems.

I love a good foot massage, but "ow" that one looked so painful!!

Thanks as always, for the update!!

Anonymous said...

Let me chime in...Margie and Luke weren't in the next week's previews (filmed in the daytime) which makes me think they were eliminated. That's odd because they were in second to the pit stop (which wasn't a pit stop but continues to my surprise) in the taxi cab (this was at night).

Art said...

I think Tammy and Victor are going to get a time penality for cheating. They told (in Chinese) the cheerleaders taxi driver to take them to the wrong door at the swimming pool. So that may really hurt Tammy and Victor's chances even though Jen and Kisha were behind.
I'm sure Margie and Luke will be OK.

Art said...

one more -
Jen and Kisha are awful people ! She deserved all the pain at the foot massage and the other deserved to suffer at the pool. Not only make fun of Luke because Deaf and sign, but at Chinese airport made fun of the way they thought Chinese people shold speak English (remember woman working at ticket counter that ignored them ?) - they are terrible racist people too. I wonder how they would feel if someone used "n" word ?

Don G. said...

I was SO disappointed that the Pit Stop wasn't the elimination point. Damn! That means Jen and Kisha are still in the race, and I SO wanted to see them go for the way they treated Luke. And I was amazed that they (Black females) could say "they (Chinese) all look alike" when Whites have said that about Blacks for years! Not to mention their comments about Chinese people not speaking English and making fun of the Chinese accent.... They deserve to go! I'm rooting for Luke and Margie all the way!

Squ65 said...

I agree with Art. It is a pay back for Jen and Kisha. I think Chinese counter ticket woman ignore them --- just because they are black? Who knows. I hope Luke and Marge get there on time.

Don - I agree I caught one of the sisters (either Jen or Kisha) stated about the Chinese people and their accent. Umm...

Charlotte said...

Chinese people are known to be racist toward people of African descent. So, I was not suprized at them not getting serviced at the airport counter.

Margie and Luke weren't in the previews a few weeks ago with the taxicab karaoke task, and they won that leg, so who knows what is in store!

Since the producers tend to have 3 teams competing for the finish line, and there are 2 episodes left after last night, with 4 teams left in the running, I was not surprised about the TBC (to be continued) being flashed at me.

I think either J/C or K/J will be eliminated still.. with T/V and M/L battling it out at finish line in Hawaii.

Deb Ann and Hannah said...

Go, Margie and Luke, go!

I can hardly wait for next week show!!!

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Hi, everyone. Thanks for the great comments. Yes, Art & Sq65, I had forgotten to report on Jen & Kisha's conversation at the airport. Courtesy is a must when travelling in another country. Rudeness is unacceptable.
Art, I hadn't realized Tammy & Victor gave wrong directions to Jen & Kisha's cab driver. I think they will get penalized only if someone who speaks Mandarin caught it for CBS before they arrive at the Pit Stop. We'll have to wait and see.
Thank you, Charlotte for pointing out that Margie & Luke were not shown in previews once before. I don't want them to get eliminated!!!

Anonymous said...

If Tammy and Victor should be penalized for telling Kisha & Jen's driver the wrong directions, shouldn't Margie & Luke be penalized, too? After all, they did instruct their driver a couple of times in past episodes to not tell the other taxi driver the directions to destination.

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Hi Anonymous, thanks for your comment. I think there's a difference between not sharing information and deliberately steering someone wrong. I don't think teams get penalized for not sharing information. However I would add that I've been surprised by the penalties we've seen on the show this season. As viewers we don't get to know exactly what the racers' rules are.
Keep watching and rooting your favorite team on!