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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hearing Aid Market: Off to a Good Start

Hearing Aid Market is a wonderful new resource for the hard of hearing, especially those in need of free or discounted hearing aids. Created by Steve of Deafness and Hearing Aids, Hearing Aid Market is designed to connect those who have unwanted hearing aids with the people who can use them. Unused and unwanted hearing aids can be sold through the site but Steve encourages people to donate them whenever possible.

In the site's first week, a successful match has already been made. A man from Texas who needed hearing aids received them from a woman in England who graciously donated her late mother's aids. Steve reports that the recipient has had great results with his new hearing aids.

I would encourage everyone to bookmark Hearing Aid Market on their computers and spread the word in the hard of hearing/deaf community.

Thanks, Steve for all your hard work in making this resource a reality. If you would like to drop Steve a word of encouragement, you can contact him here.


jelly said...

Terrific site and idea.
Nice to see some of our older hearing aids that still work can find a new home. :-)

Congrats on your blog award btw!

Jonathan said...

Very cool! Thanks for sharing the information with us. :)

And, congrats on your blog award!

Jonathan said...

Oh, I have already spread the words across Canada and in Finland about that site!

Cheryl Witucke said...
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