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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Captions, captions, captions!

[Trumpet fanfare: da da da daaaa]

At long last, we have a television in our home with captions. [Cheering]

Here's my first impressions: I love, love, love captions. I can't believe how much I was missing without them. The captions that are perfectly in sync with the dialogue are fabulous! In my first evening of watching, I noticed commercials seemed to have the best captions of all. Even sound effects were noted. [smile]

On the other hand, the captions for an entertainment news program I watched were less than optimal. [frown] They ran behind and had many errors. When I missed a key word or phrase in the dialogue, I would wait for it to appear in the captioning, only to see that sentence skipped over completely. [sigh] I guess for now I will probably avoid watching "live" television shows. I've been spoiled by the excellent captioning I've grown accustomed to on movie DVDs.


Deb Ann and Hannah said...

I liked the way you make colored words like captions! And also colored quotes with emotions! (Smiling)

I agree that we noticed the same thing on the live news. They try to catch up making a captioned sentence they say.

Yay! Captioned movies! If few people talking in a debate or arguing, we try to figure out who says that. We watched it one more time to get it (to find who says that when they argue or talk at the same time) Well. It’s a challenge for us.

Glad I chose you for today and took a peek on your blog entry, good one! I will take a peep on another one tomorrow. I try so hard to be away from the computer. (Grins)

Glenice said...

Welcome to the world of captioned TV. You will find that some captioners are better than others and there are some good live broadcasts.

I first got captioning back when it was box that sat on top of the TV and only a portion of programs were captioned. Now most are.


Anonymous said...

Yes I certainly discovered myself what I was missing, when I decided to start using subtitles on dvd's. I never leave them off now.

As for subs on tv, I've discovered some channels don't do well at it.

Mog said...

Gosh, how old was yout TV? I thought all TVs in the US had to have closed captions on them.

We are comparatively well off here in Canada and th USA with the amount of captions. It's unusual that a program doesnt have them. In the UK it's mainly the 4 terrestial channels, cable and satellite have them rarely.

Steve said...

Why can't all captions be as good as those on most DVD films these days?

Even for stuff like news broadcasts, the news-reader is reading from an autocue - how hard can it be to display the autocue text on the screen for us too?

Live TV is the only thing that has an excuse for not having perfect captioning.

Oh my god, another thing that gets my goat is channels that simply can't be bothered with captions. Channels like Virgin1 and Bravo never show captions, even when they are airing shows that have been captioned on other channels. That's annoying!

PinkLAM said...

I love captions too! It completely depends on the show, but with my CIs I there are some shows I can understand pretty well without captions, but I still like to have them there *just in case*. But there are also shows with lots of background music and weird deep voices for narration (like the educational videos we watch at school- that NEVER have captions. So annoying, and I'm pretty sure it's illegal in the classroom setting to be denied captions, but anyway...) that I just cannot understand.

One thing that really bugged me, was that a few months ago there was a tornado coming that we thought was going to hit our area. We were watching the weather for updates on the news channel we usually watch, and they were saying things like "seek shelter" and "stay away from windows" and there were NO captions. It's not going to do you much good to just stare at a blabbering man standing in front of a weather map, now is it?! I wrote the network, and they said there were supposed to be captions and they would look into what happened.The next day the news on that channel was not captioned either...:(

jelly said...

Welcome to the world of CC.

:-) enjoy.

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Hi Pink,
Welcome to my blog! That's awful that there weren't captions to explain the tornado warning. Good for you for writing to the station!

Hi Steve,
Good point about the teleprompters. You're right, why can't that be used for the captioning? I've never watched Virgin1 or Bravo, but I say shame on them for not captioning.

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Thanks, jelly.

Sara Chapman said...

Yes, captions ROCK. I much prefer movies at home so I can subtitle them in English. Especially with foreign accents, I just hate to keep asking my hubby, "WHAT did they say?" throughout the movie. Of course, I still need help with the plot, but that's another story.

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Ha, ha. I'm often plot challenged too.