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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Li-berry I Scream Anyone?

Vanilla Ice Cream Cone 8-6-09 3
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Have you heard the news? Library fans who like ice cream are petitioning Ben & Jerry's to create a new library themed ice cream flavor. Andy Woodworth, a New Jersey librarian, is behind the movement. He says, "libraries are awesome, Ben & Jerry's ice-cream is tasty, therefore a library-themed Ben & Jerry's ice-cream would be tasty awesome". He's created a Facebook page to garner support for the idea. Four thousand members have joined already.

Here are my favorites from their creative flavors suggested so far:

  • Dewey Ooey-Gooey [vanilla with butterscotch swirls]
  • Dusty Stacks [layered ice cream with a dusting of cocoa]
  • Rocky Read [vanilla with chocolate chunks and chocolate covered nuts and raisins]
I have to admit that I would favor Li-berry I Scream over Sh-sh-sh-Sherbet just for the name alone. I am the 'speak up' kind of librarian after all.

You can see the complete list of flavors here. Which ones do you like? Do you have an idea of your own? You can submit ideas directly to Ben & Jerry's at this link.

P.S. Thank you to the reader who sent me a news story on this!


ms toast burner said...

I'm not a huge fan of ice cream but once in a blue moon I do like a bit... and this one appeals:

Gooey Decimal System = Dark fudge alphabet letters with caramel swirls in hazelnut ice cream.

My fillings ache just imagining that though!

Mog said...

I just love ice cream and libraries so it's a perfect combination.

The first library I remember was in Bedford UK. It had huge wooden shelves, curved I think, and maybe some marble, but definitely white stone. It was the kind of place that made you want to read and learn. I my memory the librarian always wore mauve.

So my ice cream would have some vanilla for the white stone, some brown stuff for the wooden shelving. and something mauve for the librarian. Vanilla, chocolate and blueberry? Or maybe lavendar.

I would call it purple passion....