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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Margie Frightens Me When She Faints in Thailand

Margie in India CBS photo credit
In tonight's episode, teams travel 2,000 miles from Jaipur, India to Phuket, Thailand. Margie interviews that she is exhausted. She looks really worn out from the rigors of this race but she's determined to press on to the finish.

The racers' first challenge is to locate a gorilla statue's location using only a photo. All the teams except Mike & Mel soon discover the statue is at the Phuket Zoo. Mike & Mel's cab driver mistakenly takes them to a beach. Uh oh.

At the zoo, the Roadblock Task is to "take a walk on the wild side". Teams pose for a photo with a live tiger. Oooh, they must be brave here. Especially when the tiger's handler only has one arm! Not too reassuring that, but all the teams remain intact and seem thrilled by the experience. Next, they participate in the elephant show by lying face down on the ground and allowing an elephant to tap them on the back and squat over them. Margie gets tapped which seems to tickle her fancy while Luke gets squatted over which looks a little nervewracking for him.

Next teams are directed to Old Phuket Town where they visit a shopowner with a large cabinet of drawers behind the counter. Teams must direct the shopowner to open a drawer for a peek inside for their next clue. Margie and Luke luck out when Luke's choice reveals a clue on their second try. Way to go! Random tasks like this can be really annoying. Just ask Jaime and Cara who arrive first at the shop but see several teams leave before they choose the right drawer.

Now teams must participate in a Detour of physical labor. Their options here are 100 barrels or 2 miles. The 100 barrels task involves lifting 53 empty barrels from the main deck of a boat to an upper deck and filling 47 barrels on the dock with water using a hose. For the 2 miles option, teams must travel in a rickshaw (one partner pulling, the other riding) and navigate their way on the streets to a designated park.

Only two teams choose 100 barrels: Jen & Keisha and Mike & Mel. Meanwhile, the stuntsmen are the first to arrive at the 2 miles task. One of the brothers decides after pumping up the tire on their rickshaw to hide the provided pumps from the other teams. Then they hire their cab driver to drive in front of them to the park violating the instructions in their clue. Oh dear. Mark & Michael arrive first at the Pit Stop but Phil informs them sternly they must wait out two 30 minute penalties for their misdeeds. Will they be eliminated tonight?

Tammy & Victor arrive at the mat next while Mark & Michael are still waiting and they are team number one and recipients of a trip to Oahu, Hawaii. Cara & Jaime arrive soon afterwards and are declared team number two. The stuntsmen's penalty time runs out and they check in as team number three. They are disgusted that they lost their chance at first place and a lovely trip. Perhaps they learned a lesson in race protocol. Next to arrive are Luke & Margie. Luke tells Phil urgently, "We need water." While Phil makes a comment about the "Bionic Woman", Margie swoons and Luke holds her up. A chair is brought over and water is poured on her. An ambulance is summoned but by then Margie has recovered enough to wave it away saying she's embarassed. It is frightening to me to see her affected by the heat in this way. Take good care of yourself, Margie!

Keisha & Jen and Mel & Mike battle it out tonight for last place. Ultimately the sisters arrive first and fan favorites Mel & Mike are eliminated. Mike comments on how they had never been teammates before the race and how this has brought a new camraderie to their relationship. Awww, even Phil says he's sorry to see them go. They were a class act who really seemed to enjoy their race experience and appreciate each other.

The preview for the episode airing in 2 weeks shows the teams performing karaoke and hints that the stuntsmen make a critical mistake involving their backpacks.

Recover, Margie, recover. We want to see you and Luke keep racing!


dinna said...

Oh well.. I kinda like Mike and Mel too.. I was hoping Tammy and Victor eliminated. They've been a big threat ;)

Thanks Sarah! Nice to meet you, even on cyber space :)

jelly said...

Aw, I'm so bummed Mike and Mel came in last. I really liked them, almost as much as Margie and Luke!

Thanks once again for the update, I totally missed the show last night! Now I feel caught up.

SpeakUp Librarian said...

You're welcome, dinna. Mike & Mel lasted much longer than I initially expected as they didn't look like a physically strong team to me. The more I saw of them the more I liked this team - especially their "have fun" attitude and their interactions with people they met along the way.
Tammy & Victor look to be contenders for the final three.
All the best,

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Aaak, how can you miss the show? It's annoying that CBS hasn't been able to start it on time as that interferes with watching my other Sunday night reality show: Celebrity Apprentice. Anyways, I'm glad you're caught up now. But really you would have loved seeing the elephant show part. CBS posts their show episodes online now so that's also an option.
Have a great day, Kym.

jelly said...

Tonight, the wife and I are going to look on Comcast (on demand) and see if we can find it there.

I don't know how I missed it, we had dinner, I cleaned up and I was playing on the laptop and watching "shark week" or whatever with my son and the wife and totally lost track of time.


Happy Monday.

sara said...

Thanks for posting!
I've been watching on since I don't really have a TV. It's lovely but no captions on their site. For this show it doesn't matter too much but I did miss the reasons for the penalties!

Anonymous said...

Yes they were brave posing with the tiger, but I also think they were brave with the elephant show, lying down on the ground underneath the elephant. I wouldn't do that myself for two reasons. One because of their size, and two, when they wee, it pours. Yuk! :)

Mog said...

You know I think this shows how tiring it is to be a helper. I know my husband is sometimes drained after a day helping me out.

I've watched this show a couple of times and wonder how much sympathy a hard of hearing person would have got when dealing with the barriers they would face? No ASL interpreting to make good TV. How about having to repeat yourself several times instead? How about misunderstandings, or people thinking you are ignoring them?

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Hi Sara - glad I could be of service to you. I welcome any questions about the show from my readers at this email address Of course as I'm hard of hearing, I hope I'm reporting accurately. If anyone catches an error, I'm happy to have that information as well.

Tee hee, Liz. I had not thought of that possibility before with the elephants. With animals anything's possible.

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Hi Mog,
I think you make an important point. Margie looks very drained and in the last episode she interviewed briefly on how hard it is to "be present" for Luke all the time on the race.
I guess for a hard of hearing contestant he/she would need to rely on a hearing partner. I've been more keenly aware this season of the tasks that depend upon the ability to hear. Maybe an HOH contestant will appear in a future season. Would you ever try for it?