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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Honk if you like me!

The strangest thing happened to me today on my way home from work. I was stopped for a red light at an intersection when the car next to me honked lightly. I looked over and the driver gestured hello. He didn't look familiar to me so I assumed he had mistaken me for someone else. I turned my attention back to the stoplight which seemed to be taking forever to turn. Beep, beep. I looked over again and the driver was trying to get my attention. I rolled down my window. "I want to get your phone number so we can be friends," he said. What on earth, I thought. "That's okay....I'm married," I replied shaking my head. "You're married", he said puzzling that possibility over. I guess he hadn't heard that one before. I rolled my window back up and was pleased to see the light change to green for my turn. "Better luck at the next intersection, buddy" I thought as I drove away.


ms toast burner said...

Soak it up sexy!

I'm surprised that you're surprised!

SpeakUp Librarian said...

LOL - usually I can't even tell which car is honking. If someone's honking at me to get me to move forward they have to be pretty agressive with their horn.
I've heard of road rage. I guess this was a case of "road rejection" ha, ha.

jelly said...

Well, aren't you hot stuff now?

That's really funny though!!

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Nah, I'm just the same as I've always been. I am a little concerned that a blind guy was allowed to drive, hee, hee.

John said...

I'd honk at you.

Anonymous said...

Be careful. Tigerman