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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Luke & Margie Caravan Through India

Something new from the show producers: The opening sequence has spliced shots of the teams while on the race in with their publicity shots. Cool!

In tonight's episode, teams leave behind the bitter cold of Russia for the welcome heat of India. Their destination is Jaipur known as the "pink city". Their challenge is to travel to a sacred tree and find their next clue. En route, teams see cows in the streets, monkeys on rooftops, and children eating garbage. Luke is so moved by the poverty he sees out the cab window that he cries.

At this point in the race almost all the teams are traveling as a caravan of cabs on a one lane road. When they arrive at the tree, they have to search for their clue. Underneath the tree are two men sitting by a table with a red telephone on it. Once teams recognize the incongruity of the phone's presence, they examine it closer and see that they need to call a number and listen for the name of their next destination. Hmmm, another listening task. Seems a bit unfair to Luke. Of course Margie listens, but she is unable to decipher what was said. Instead of listening again, she makes the risky move to leave with the others and continue traveling in the caravan. Oh Margie, I hope you two stay with the pack!

Fortunately they do and most of the teams arrive at the Roadblock together. Their challenge now is to feed and water a group of camels. It's one of the Amazing Race's perennial tasks: performing hard manual labor in the hot sun. Unfortunately, Mel chooses to do the task for him and Mike, not knowing what's involved. At 68 years old, he struggles to carry the water to fill the camels' trough. He catches a break when he notices the equipment provided for carrying the hay to the camels. The other teams overlook this and he moves ahead of them. Hurray for Mel. Mike is so proud.

Margie takes this task for her team and finishes around the same time as Jaime and LaKisha. Victor and Tammy have long since left. They are in first place throughout the whole episode. Meanwhile the stuntsmen and flight attendants have fallen behind the rest of the pack.

The teams race on to their Detour choice of movers or shakers. Movers involves riding a bicycle like vehicle with large barrels strapped on the back. Once the barrels are delivered to their destination, the hay filled containers must be searched for a tiny silver elephant charm which can be traded for their next clue. Ugh, it's partially a "needle-in-the-haystack" task. The shakers option sounds like much more fun. For this one teams put on makeup and dress up in a cow costume. They join a band and dance in the streets begging for money. When they've accumulated 100 rupees, they can exchange the money for their next clue. All the teams except for the stuntsmen choose shakers and have a lot of fun with the task. The Americans notice how amidst the poverty of India, the people are generous and they have no trouble collecting 100 rupees. Margie points out that Luke is unable to hear the music from the band. He watches the faces of the onlookers instead.

Before starting on the Detour, the flight attendants are forced to complete a Speed Bump task as their penalty for checking in last on the previous leg. Their job is to paint an elephant. Oh, I would love to do that. The elephant looks so festive when they're done painting colorful designs on its trunk and face.

Unfortunately for them, the Speed Bump puts them behind just enough for the stuntsmen to finish ahead of them and they are eliminated. Here's the standings at the end of the race:
  1. Victor & Tammy (The brother and sister win ocean kayaks. How appropriate since they both live in California.)
  2. Mel & Mike (father/son team)
  3. LaKisha & Jen (sister team)
  4. Margie & Luke (our favorite team!)
  5. Jaime & Cara (cheerleaders)
  6. Mark & Michael (stuntsmen)
  7. Christie & Jodi (eliminated)

Teams 3,4,and 5 finished within seconds of each other. Luke signed tonight that his mom is doing the communicating and he is doing the strategizing. They need to step it up for the next leg of the race. Unfortunately the preview shows Margie fainting in the heat. Phil is nearby so perhaps it happens at the pit stop. I hope she's okay. Go, Margie & Luke, go!


jelly said...

I got a bit teary eyed myself when Luke was getting upset at the children and animals eating garbage in the streets, that totally got to me.
I have a soft spot with stuff like that.

Anyway, good show as always. The two blondes are gone, I didn't really like them much, but it is always sad to see someone go.

Go Luke and Margie!!

SpeakUp Librarian said...

I think it would be really tough to see that poverty in person. We are so sheltered here in the United States.
Do you think the stuntsmen will be eliminated next?