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Friday, March 27, 2009

Flowers for Friday: First Flower Sighting

While my husband and I were cleaning out our flower beds last weekend, we saw our first flowers. These sweet little purple beauties are called crocuses. They are so hardy they will bloom even if there is snow on the ground. Crocuses are perennials and are grown from corms which are similar to bulbs.


jelly said...

Ah, I'm jealous. My tulips are just starting to peek out and your little flowers are blooming!

That's great. Yay for spring.

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Is that a picture of your new do?
It looks great. I've got to get my hair done soon.
Actually my little flowers blooming was short lived. I went out yesterday to take a photo (the picture I posted was taken by my husband last weekend) and the flowers were all droopy. It's great to post them here where they can keep on blooming!
Will you post photos of your flowers when they make an appearance?

jelly said...

No, no new do in this photo, this was taken at a archaological (did I spell that right??) muesuem the wife and I went to on a date about a month or so ago. My daughter straighten my hair that day I believe. It still looks the same, just slightly longer and I'm letting my bangs grow out.

Yes, I will take pictures of my tulips when they start doing their thing!

Mog said...

I've just got back in from the garden, ooop sorry the back yard.

I have green shoots for daffs and tulips and irises maybe, or lilies. Forsythia about to bloom. Yummy

I am in zone 5a so am learning this new gardening style. Whats hardy and what isn't.

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Hi Mog,
I love forsythia something I don't have in my yard. We have the other flowers you mentioned but they haven't bloomed yet.
What kind of flowers did you grow in the UK?