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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Yes, You Can!

It's so important to believe in yourself and follow your dreams. When people try to tell you no or you can't, you mustn't listen.
I had two experiences within the last year where people tried to discourage me. The first was when someone said she didn't think I would win the Oticon Focus on People Award because the other finalists were so impressive. That hurt. Although she was right about the caliber of my competitors, I knew that she did not know me as well as she thought she did, and I was very happy when she was proved wrong. The other time was when a group leader solicited ideas by email for upcoming meetings and then immediately vetoed a suggestion I made. In a group email, I was told in detail why my plan was so very bad. Ouch. I withdrew my offer. But then I turned around and within the year made my idea a reality for a different support group with fantastic results. I knew my instincts were right regarding this particular idea and I'm glad I stayed with it. These two incidents, while unpleasant at the time, ended up making me stronger.
The inspirational video below shares the stories of deaf people who have found success in their careers through hard work and persistence. I watched it tonight with my teenage son (who's hearing) and told him to think about the important messages shared about believing in yourself and making your dreams come true. I recommend everyone make time to watch it. The video runs 15 minutes.


Anonymous said...

I am certainly glad you won that award, and I know you have felt support from me on this and more. But one thing I am not sure you may know, so just in case if you don't I will say here, and thats once you contacted me offereing support through a particular post I wrote on my blog some years ago, and from how our friendship grew after that, and getting to know each other more, that you have been MY role model as well as a friend, for the things you have done and acheived.

You should be proud. Which I know you are.

And I am proud of you too.

Hugs x

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Oh, Liz. I am touched more than I can say by your comment. Thank you. I'm proud of you too!