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Monday, May 14, 2012

Rabbit Man Photo Fun

  This is a sculpture I've dubbed Rabbit Man. From here
it looks as though it might be made of stone or clay.

 Standing closer, you can see some wires.

My favorite photo. I wonder what the Rabbit Man
is "thinking". His eye is so enigmatic to me.

 Rabbit Man's folded hands. They look as
though they're touching. But they aren't.

From this view you can see the hands are separated.

In fact, they are so far apart, you can
walk inside this sculpture.

A view from inside Rabbit Man.

This close up photo shows that Rabbit Man is made
up of tiny metal fibers. I can't imagine how much work
it took the artist to shape them into Rabbit Man.

What do you think of Rabbit Man?


SpeakUp Librarian said...

Thank you, Liz. I hope it gives you feeling of what it would be like to walk up and see it for yourself. I was describing it to my friend on the phone and she said it sounded interesting and that I should post it so I did.

Anonymous said...

It certainly did give a feel of that. Loved it. Thank you.

Ayita Woods said...

Love the photos and the time spent on that day Sara. I too wonder what the rabit man is thinking as he sits there as people walk through his insides. May he is thinking this is life, I guess I better enjoy it. Sara you are a very good photographer and woman of many talents. I enjoyed your blog.