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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Confirmed - Luke and Margie will run the Amazing Race again.

Today CBS announced the cast of The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business. Happily, Margie and Luke Adams will be back on our television screens beginning Sunday night, February 20.

An interview with the pair on the CBS website features their thoughts on what they enjoyed most on the previous race and why they wanted to compete again.

You can read more about them on the NTID-RID website. My thanks go out to Jonathan who sent me this link.

So who will they be competing against?

Cast photo by Monty Brinton, CBS
  • Cord and Jet McCoy, cowboys.
  • Kent Kaliber and Vyxsin Fiala, goths
  • Nathaniel “Big Easy” Lofton and Herbert “Flight Time” Lang, Harlem globetrotters
  • Kisha and Jen Hoffman, sisters
  • Jaime Edmondson and Cara Rosenthal, former cheerleaders
  • Amanda Blackledge and Kris Klicka, engaged
  • Justin Kanew and Zev Glassenberg, buddies
  • Mel and Mike White, father and son
  • Gary and Mallory Erwin, father and daughter
  • Ron and Christina Hsu, father and daughter.

Go, Luke and Margie, go!

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Anonymous said...

I HOPE he will handle his emotions and just focus on the race this time around.