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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Knights in Shining Armor

I enjoy looking at suits of armor. Do you? In Chicago, armor is on display at the Art Institute. In London, you can see it at the Tower of London. This exhibit has undergone quite a change since I last saw it seventeen years ago. Now there are changing colored lights in the background of the cases and interactive displays for the kids. Charlie enjoyed playing an arcade style sword challenge where you had to hit the most shields you could in the amount of time provided. You could strike one of the four shields once it lights up in an ongoing random pattern. The game seemed popular with all the children there.

This suit belonged to King Henry VIII. Notice the extra protection for the family jewels, hee hee.

I liked seeing this piece of armor for the knight's steed.

Something about this knight brings to mind Darth Vader. Is it the helmet style or the pose?

Look at the tiny suit of armor posed next to the full size set.

Here's a closeup of the smaller suit. I don't think it was designed for a child or a very small man. I think it was a model. Does anyone know more?

You can find additional photos of the armor we saw on my flickr site.

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