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Monday, February 16, 2009

My Letter to the Theatre Manager about Showing More Captioned Films

As previously promised, here is the letter I wrote to the one theatre in my area that shows captioned films. It was reviewed and revised by Sheri Caveda of Fifth Freedom.

Dear [Theatre Manager],

I’m writing to thank you for providing open caption films at your theatre. Being able to read the words on the screen makes the movie more accessible to me as I have a hearing loss and find myself missing parts of the dialogue in regular films. Although I live in [My Town] I drive a half hour to come to your theatre to attend these shows. Watching movies is a fun activity for me when I am able to fully participate in the experience.

Would you consider offering captioned films more than two days a month? The Tuesday and Wednesday evenings that the films are shown are not always convenient. I would love to be able to attend a captioned film on the weekend with my family. It would be truly wonderful if you added a Friday or Saturday evening, or even a Sunday afternoon show time. Having captioned films available four days a month (with one on the weekend) would make it easier for me and my family to attend your showings.

Thank you for considering my request. I look forward to your response.

[My Name]

I waited to write the letter until now so it could be part of my local hearing loss support group's project. I still would like to write a letter to the theatre in my own neighborhood that does not offer any open captioned films. I think I'll wait until I see what response I get from this letter first. Stay tuned.


dshreve said...

Best wishes on this endevor! My family likes captions on all the movies we watch because there is ALWAYS something said that we do not understand.

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Maybe we need to start a "Captions are Good" campaign. Thanks for your comment!

jelly said...

Good luck...and you are probably right you need a "Captions are Good" campaign!

Good idea.