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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Margie & Luke Earn the Respect of the Other Amazing Racers

Photo by CBS.

This week's Amazing Race episode begins with reactions from the racers to Luke & Margie's first place finish. Margie is hailed as a "Bionic Woman". She is racing like a much younger woman! Luke was complimented by Tammy for being wonderfully observant. They are definitely a team to be reckoned with agree the other racers.

Tonight the racers move on to Germany and start by riding a cable car up a mountain. At the top they encounter a Roadblock challenge to "Fly Like an Eagle". One team member has to paraglide off a cliff. Margie agrees to take it for their team. Unfortunately the wind conditions are currently unsafe and the racers have to choose whether to wait for the wind to change or to hike (run) down the mountain following a marked trail. Their teammates get to ride the cable car and enjoy the spectacular view a second time.

Eventually all the racers except for Mel choose to abandon the wait for the wind to change. Mel is stuck waiting because on the previous leg of the race he injured himself climbing the muddy hill and doesn't feel capable of hoofing it back down. Frankly, I was surprised he chose to do the roadblock for the team in the first place. Fortunately for him the wind changes and Mel is able to soar like an eagle and get his team back into the race.

Margie makes it down the mountain on foot with no problem as does everyone else except for Linda. Sadly, she overlooks a crucial trail marker and takes a wrong turn. When she realizes her mistake what makes it harder for her is that she is certain her husband will be angry or disappointed with her. With the help of a passing motorist she hitches a ride back to where she needs to end up. [I wondered if their team would be penalized in any way for this at the Pit Stop but they end up eliminated in the end so it doesn't make a difference. More importantly, her husband isn't mad at her.]

The racers now move on to a Detour where they can choose to navigate an obstacle course on Segways or throw pies at a target until they find one with cherry filling. As a longtime fan of the show, Luke knows that "needle in the haystack" type tasks often derail teams. He wants to do the obstacle course. But his mom wants to throw pies. He acquiesces and is only shown to urge his mother to switch tasks once. I think this scene gives us some insight into their relationship and their team dynamics. Letting Margie have her way empowers her as an equal partner on the race. Meanwhile brother/sister team Victor and Tammy and sister/sister team LaKisha and Jennifer struggle with one partner taking control and limiting the other's input.

As we saw in the preview for this week, the target for the pies turns out to be their teammate's face. But that doesn't seem to deter any of the teams that choose the pies and in fact they all seem to have fun with it. Interestingly we only see one team at a time throwing pies. I wonder if they had to wait for each other to finish or if it just ended up that way. Margie and Luke go through many pies before they find one with cherry filling. This actually seems to make the task easier for the next team, Brad and Victoria, as they are shown only tossing a few pies. Only three teams choose the obstacle course and they seem to have no difficulty managing the Segways.

Victor and Tammy who are in first place the whole leg of the race easily come in first to the pit stop. To their delight they're rewarded with a pair of hybrid go karts. Margie & Luke come in fourth place. But this belies their good performance as most of the teams after them come in much later time wise. At one point CBS even notes that 14 hours have passed since the start of the race.

The CBS website is running a poll on whether Margie & Luke can keep it up. When I looked at it there was an overwhelming majority of yes votes and numerous positive comments posted. Luke & Margie you have earned our respect. Go, go, go!!!


Deb Ann and Hannah said...

My whole family and I watched the show. I was alittle bit worried and wanted Margie and Luke to make it through, but I'm so glad they made it to the fourth place! It's not bad.

Yes, I noticed that they went through so many pies before the last one with the cherry topping! It seems to be a longest one than the others.

jelly said...

Watched it. I was worried Luke and Margie weren't going to make it, but I am so glad they did. I am totally rooting for them. I don't like the couple that is in 1st place as much, they bother me!

So out of you and your spouse who would have done those events? Would he fly or you? And would you have done the pie thing or the Segways?

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Glad you all could watch the show.
I like the brother/sister team in first place. I predict they will be a final three team. What bothers you about them, Kym?

I think I would fly/hike. I would pick the Segways - they looked fun and definitely not so messy! But maybe if I was as hungry as the racers usually are, I would choose the pies instead.