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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Casanova Was a Librarian and Other Surprises

I recently received in my email, an article about historical figures who worked as librarians at one time or another in their illustrious careers. Some like Melville Dewey (creator of the Dewey Decimal system) and former First Lady Laura Bush I was familiar with but others were genuine surprises like Mao Zedong and J. Edgar Hoover. One of the twenty-five librarians listed was Golda Meier but a quick internet search failed to confirm that. Hmmm. Looking further online I learned that librarians have two patron saints: St. Lawrence and St. Jerome (pictured at left). Good to know! Wikipedia also has its own list of people known for contributions to the library profession. As if that wasn't enough, I happened upon a website Casanova Was a Librarian where one can sign up for a monthly email of "interesting librarian information". Who knew librarians could be so intriguing?

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